Abra Kadabra Environmental Services Continues Its Rapid Growth Trajectory

Abra Kadabra team

Abra Kadabra is blessed to have seen extreme growth since our early 2020 headquarters building purchase next to Mound’s Surfside Park. Abra Kadabra was acquired by Matthew Eickman in 2017 and has grown from one employee to more than a dozen. We want to take some time to brag about how awesome our employees are. 


Abra Kadabra All-Stars

Branch Manager David Jamison heads up the pest control team, and acts as a top line supervisor for other departments. Asked about the success he’s helped drive, David stated “Abra Kadabra’s growth is a byproduct of creating a work culture that allows employees to enjoy work and to strive to improve daily.

None of our employees are complacent. We all have a vision of being the best in everything we do.” David is excited about his team’s continued growth through the addition of committed, top notch technicians. 


New Pest Control Employees

The first new pest control employee we will talk about is Maxwell Frederiksen. Max was hired at the end of 2020 and became full time in April 2021. Max comes from the largest pest control company in the nation, and we could not have asked for a better hire at this stage in our company’s growth. Max ran a pest route around the Lake Minnetonka area in recent years, and brings extensive experience to Abra Kadabra.

Max takes pride in his work, and excels at educating clients about pest activity in and around their home. “I love working for Abra Kadabra because I have the time and freedom to do the best service I can,” Max stated. ”Abra Kadabra has a family-like atmosphere in the shop, and the company-wide dedication to always improving is unlike any company I have ever been a part of.” We look forward to seeing Max’s career progress at Abra Kadabra. 

The second new hire Abra Kadabra was blessed to gain is lifelong Mound resident Timothy Holt. Abra Kadabra Wildlife Lead, Philip Eickman, is excited about Tim’s addition to the wildlife team. “He learns at an extremely fast rate, and his work ethic is outstanding,” Phil commented.  

Tim attended Crown College and sought out an internship at Abra Kadabra during his senior year. Tim stepped into a full time wildlife control apprentice position after receiving his degree in business in spring 2021. “The people are the best part of the job,” Tim said. “They are willing to answer questions and help eachother grow and learn.” Tim plans to use his growing industry knowledge and business degree to rise into a management position as Abra Kadabra continues to grow.

Our third recent hire, Erica Sykora,  is an absolute rockstar in the office. Erica is the second daughter of Abra Kadabra founder Michael Sykora, and sister-in-law to the current CEO, Matthew Eickman. She and her three sisters are the authors of our company name, “Abra Kadabra,” back in 2002. Her career before Abra Kadabra was in social work, and her customer service skills are as impressive as her ability to juggle the many facets of our office operations. Erica is a mother of five and has a passion for giving back to her community. She acts as our community outreach liaison, organizing company participation in events such as the Polar Plunge, Adopt a Highway, Spirit of the Lakes, the MVFD Charity Golf Event and others. 

Erica is excited about the opportunities that Abra Kadabra has to offer as the company continues its growth trajectory. “I feel more appreciated than I felt at other companies, and I am relieved to know that my voice and opinions are heard by upper management,“ Erica said. She emphasized that Abra Kadabra strives to create a relaxed yet focused work environment, which is created around understanding the importance of family. 

This brings us to our most recent hire, Joseph Nguyen. Joseph has more than two years of experience in pest control, and he is passionate about his craft. Joseph is an expert at receiving 5 Star reviews during his services and is ecstatic that he was able to “find a pest control company that cares.” Joseph explained “Abra Kadabra is the gold standard in Minnesota pest control because we do the work right the first time, and we allow our technicians the time required to perform a service properly instead of always pressuring technicians to get more stops done.” Joseph is a father of three, passionate about his family and is grateful for the culture Abra Kadabra has assembled. 

Matt Eickman, CEO, of Abra Kadabra stated, “I love the team we have cultivated. Our guys have an attitude that makes it easy to want to see them succeed. We look forward to big things from our team as Abra Kadabra continues to grow. .” 


The Growing Abra Kadabra Team

These four are our newest team members, but not for long. Abra Kadabra continues to grow rapidly, and will continue to focus on the people who make up our team. People are and will remain the most important in this company. The interactions our firm has with employees, clients, and vendors allow us to leave a lasting impression extending much farther than pest control itself. We believe that financial success in business is a byproduct of treating humans with the utmost respect at all times.

Interested in scheduling an interview? Contact the Abra Kadabra team at 763-537-0330 or email us at info@abrakadabraenvironmental.com.

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