Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the questions that are bugging you.

Every product we use is child/pet friendly. We simply will not use any products that are environmentally damaging. At Abra Kadabra our goal of service is to apply as minimal product as possible while still eliminating the pest. This aligns with our companies practice of environmental sustainability.

We are extremely intentional with our product application especially when on the home interior so as to minimize overall human exposure.

Every treatment we perform comes with a warranty which fluctuates depending on the type of pest. Product that we use for insects within the home last up to 90 days.
Our products are micro-encapsulated which means once they dry there is a small protective coating around the particle. This protects the particle from moisture and the elements while also increasing the effectiveness of the release parameters.
We enjoy being your resource for all of your pest questions. We are equipped to handle any pest Minnesota has to offer, and also have a Wildlife Division and Exclusion Team. We are a one stop shop for all your pest problems.
We have multiple service plans and are flexible with clients to work with their needs/desires. Plans are available in varying frequencies including monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, triannually, seasonally and annually. Other intervals are available for commercial, mosquito control, or dock clients. What pests issues are experienced on your property will best determine what services and frequencies you might need.
We have been in business since 2002.
Some services do require residents to vacate the premises for up to 6 hours, including bedbug and cockroach applications. Rodent, wildlife, and the majority of our insect work can be done while residents are present.
No, we do not fumigate.
All of our products are water-based and dry clear. There Is minimal smell during application and it diffuses rapidly.
In a typical home treatment, our technicians will be able to work around most things in the home. In the event preparation is required, your technician will provide information in advance of the treatment.
The pest issues present on a property inform the service type and frequency, as well as any unique concerns of our clients. We use Integrated Pest Management practices to provide our clients the most thorough prevention and issue resolution while minimizing our impact on the environment and maximizing the efficacy of our treatments.
The quality of care and respect we have for each and every one of our clients is of utmost importance to us. Abra Kadabra believes in the Golden Rule– We treat others how we would want to be treated. The fact that our company is smaller than some of the big boys increases our customer experience. Our customers know who they are working with and who to call if a question pops up. We treat your home like we would our own.

Most pest problems can be prevented. But what we experience often is not the homeowner who’s being proactive. It’s the homeowner who’s weighted or who’s handled it themselves. And now the issue is already there. The infestation is already there. The ants are all over the kitchen, or the mice are in the kitchen.

Just give us a call. We can give you a free assessment and tell you what it would take for us to protect your home year-round. Ongoing assessments and inspections of your home allow us to identify things that can decrease costs over time from a preventative maintenance standpoint.

The term organic, there’s a lot of certifications where all of the, all of the plants, all of the things that are entering a product actually have to come from organic means. The concentrations of some of the different botanical oils that are in a lot of the products we use, the products themselves can’t actually be called organic. However, if we’re going to talk about eco or green, we have the best eco programs for mosquito pest control for your home. Everything that we do within these programs is with botanicals and naturally occurring dust and things that are from nature to help us make sure that we’re sustainable and that we’re taking care of the environment and our natural resources here in Minnesota.

If you’re on one of our programs and any pest issue comes back up, just let us know. We come back out—at no additional cost to you. We just take care of that. It’s part of the service that you’re paying for, so we have a subscription-based model. You can let us know if any issues happen between our regular services. Otherwise, we stay out of your hair and keep it really simple for you.

It all depends on what’s going on at your home and what’s going on in your life. Sometimes, you haven’t noticed the issues, but they’ve been there. When somebody asks us this question, We reciprocate. That’s some more questions. So we start to think,  what’s happened to your home? I didn’t have mice last year, but have them this year. Well, did you do any exterior work on your home? Was there any remodeling?

Or change in the exterior landscape of your home that’s caused this? Is there any construction around your home that may be driving the population closer to your home? Or did you cancel your pest control program with your other service provider last year? The fact of the matter is the pests that are in each geographical area are gonna vary slightly, but they’re gonna be there all the time.

We have to solve this problem the right way. And we can’t just do it on the one window that’s broken. We have to make sure we do it on every single hole. But the important thing is being able to identify that and then create an action plan to work forward within whatever budgetary constraints there are to solve the problems for the customer in the long term.

And then the warranty that we have, as long as you’re one of our pest control customers, we warranty all the work we’ve done lifetime. So it’s kind of an avid benefit to work with us.

When it comes to deals, we do have seasonal specials that we run depending on the seasonality of different pests or different areas that we’re doing service in. The best deal with any pest control company out there is to get on one of their year-round programs so that it’s not a wait for an issue to initiate a service. It’s proactive. That’s the best deal because now the time can.

The time necessary to properly control an issue can be put into your home, and we can prevent these issues at the lowest possible budget constraint. More importantly, the time that you have to put into it. When you have to put a lot of time into coordinating this every single year, well, that costs time, and it costs money because time is money.

The technicians make sure that you’re aware of the activity that is going to be done. We’re going to work proactively as we inspect and assess your home to identify pest issues. We’ll use the most environmentally friendly products available to eliminate and prevent any pest issues that you have. We’re going to be taking care of your home. They’re trained to find the weak spots and the pest-vulnerable areas and to work with you to ensure that we minimize those and prevent any pests from coming in and damaging your home or taking your time.

Having a pest control company has a lot of benefits, but the biggest thing is trying to just proactively manage your property. Home is their biggest investment financially, so in order to maintain that and ensure that they’re being a good steward of their home and taking care of that, being proactive with things, whether it’s pest control or other services, help you minimize the effects in the future. Outside of the financial side of things, the more important benefit of pest control is that you get your time back and never have to have that emotional response when something has invaded your place of peace, your home.

Almost instantly in most cases, but it really depends on the pest. When it’s a colony pest, that can take a little bit more time, depending on the size of the colony, because the products that are applied have to work their way through the entirety of the colony actually to solve that current pest infestation; most of the products that we have when they’re applied by our trained technicians, they’re applied in a way that’s gonna eliminate that really quickly. What you’ll experience when you give us a call is that you really get that feeling that as soon as you start talking to one of our awesome customer service representatives, you have already started to realize that the problem is starting to be solved. And it is just us getting out to the home to do what we must do. And from there on, we just got you covered.

Working for us is not treating you as a team member. You’re part of the full culture of everyone. So if you need some help, you can call any number of the person, you know, anybody else on the team, and they’re going to support you 100%. You’re always going to have, you know, whether it’s your direct person checking in with you weekly, making sure that, you know, wherever you’re trying to go or wherever the company’s trying to go that they’re supporting you with it. You always know that no matter the goal for everyone to be happy in the end, it’s not just about the company. It’s about everyone having a good work-family relationship.

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