Animal Proofing

Your Home Has Many Doors for Unwanted Pests. We Close Them.

What is animal-proofing?

Animal proofing is the process of securing your structure to prevent wildlife entry. For many people, your home is your most valuable possession. Animal proofing can prevent the headache of an animal that has invaded your space. Animal proofing also prevents costly damage to your home. Every home has weak spots that exist. Wildlife find these areas and exploit them to gain access into a structure. 

Abra Kadabra can animal proof your structure and ensure you never have a wildlife intruder in your home.

We’ve inspected thousands of homes and the one thing we’ve realized is that customers didn’t know animals could get into their home until the animals were already in. At which point the damage to their home has already occurred. 

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “what can I do to make sure I protect my home from damage.” Well, we’re glad you asked. Our wildlife experts are highly trained in wildlife damage prevention. Abra Kadabra uses a 33 point inspection protocol to identify, document and communicate the information you as a home/ business owner should have to make an educated decision.

How do we keep them out?

In order to eliminate the potential for entry, we need to use sturdy materials that will keep out anything from a mature female raccoon to a juvenile mouse. Abra Kadabra utilizes animal-proofing techniques to install products that are resistant to chewing and scratching from animals.This also means that the products we utilize can withstand harsh weather as well as the freeze-thaw cycle we experience in Minnesota. 

Our process utilizes  custom bent metal barriers that we fabricate on site and install for an animal-proof, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing finished product. One compliment our animal-proofing experts get from our customers is “I can’t see where you did the repair.”

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