Abra Kadabra Launches New Rodent Management Program

Abra Kadabra Environmental Services launched a new rodent management program for the 2020-2021 mouse season. Abra Kadabra specializes in rodent management, spending time each year on continuing education with both the Minnesota Pest Management Association (MPMA) and the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association (NWCOA).


Rodent Management Program

The new rodent management program is designed to provide comprehensive control, and is offered either seasonally or year round. Initially, the current mouse population in the home is cleaned out through either trapping or baiting, then control transitions to exterior baiting. Exterior bait stations keep the local population down, thereby reducing ingress pressure. Bait stations are serviced frequently throughout the winter months, or year round for those with a higher mouse presence on their property, and comes with a warranty.

An additional option for clients with rodenticide concerns is exterior repeating mouse traps. This is brand new to the market and allows increased environmentally responsible control options by decreasing rodenticide output. The service visits are priced similarly to the other options, but does require a slightly higher initial investment, and a higher number of visits to remove captures from the traps. This hybrid control option has shown great success, and is special to us because of our desire to ensure we decrease our environmental impact.

Exclusion can be elected in conjunction with these programs, but is not required. Excluding your structure with durable materials is the most effective way to eliminate the entry points into your home, as well as disinfecting the pheromone trails that lead mice back in. Exclusion and disinfection is highly effective where it is completed, however, over time new gaps and cracks can develop, making a rodent management program a good complement to exclusion work.


About Abra Kadabra

Abra Kadabra Environmental Services, Inc. is a family-owned pest and wildlife control company operating out of Mound, Minnesota. They offer one-time or ongoing pest control with green, synthetic, and marine applications, as well as wildlife control, exclusion services, disinfection services, attic cleanout, municipal and commercial services. Contact Abra Kadabra at 763-537-0330 or at info@abrakadabraenvironmental.com.

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