Carpenter Ant Services In Twin Cities, MN

Carpenter Ant Services In Twin Cities, MN

Finding ants inside your home can be disturbing. This is particularly true of Carpenter Ants, which are both large and have a reputation for living in wood. While Carpenter ants will damage homes, it can take years. They typically find wood that has already been compromised by moisture or rot, carving out galleries in it to make space for a colony. Calling an expert can give you peace of mind, knowing that the problem will be taken care of and any necessary remediation measures will be communicated.   

Carpenter Ant Treatments

Carpenter ant problems are best resolved through treatment of any active problem, and transition to ongoing prevention. This is recommended because conditions that were lucrative to these invaders often persist, while also providing an ideal environment for other pests. 

Technicians begin with an inspection of both the home and yard. They are looking for colonies, conditions conducive to Carpenter ants, foraging trails, frass piles (wood shaving appearance), and any other indicators of pest activity on site. 

Whenever possible, the colony and any satellites will be directly treated. Baits may be applied, and a foundation treatment will be performed. This non-repellant product will effectively treat any Carpenter Ant colony that comes in contact with your home, providing residual control to homeowners. This is particularly important in the case of Carpenter ants, which can have multiple satellite colonies and may forage up to 100 yards for food.   

After Treatments

Your technician or our office staff will reach out after 21 days and check in with you. In the rare event any activity has persisted, they will route your technician back for a re-inspection and re-treatment.


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