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This prevention program provides the greatest possible value. Designed for homes with moderate to high pest or rodent pressure.
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With 4 regularly scheduled services a year and coverage for pests and insects, this program structure is the industry standard
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*4 services per year


(Rodent or Insect) This program is designed for year-round focused prevention of either Insects or rodents.
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Tick Season in Minnesota

Ticks strike fear in many of us, in no small part due to their ability to carry things like Lyme disease. These pests require a blood meal to progress into their next life stage, which sometimes means we or our pets fall victim to this parasite’s feeding habits. If you have a tick problem on your property, reach out to us and learn how we can help you go tick free.

Our Service:

Service begins with an inspection of the property. Technicians will locate habitats suitable for ticks, determine treatment areas, and discuss habitat modification measures to decrease tick harborage. 

Before service, our technician will prepare the property to ensure no drift will make it into dog bowls and other outdoor items. They will then treat all foliage, grasslands, border areas, and the lawn. Treated areas should be avoided for at least one hour after service, until the chemicals have fully dried. This treatment will remain effective for roughly 30 days. 

Our Certifications:

Our pest control technicians are licensed and recertified annually by the Minnesota Pest Management Association (MPMA). To meet our team and see their certifications, click here.

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