Pause 4 Paws 2022: Roger’s Rescue Ride IV with Dave Ryan

Pause 4 Paws

Abra Kadabra is proud to highlight Pause 4 Paws, a local charity that cares about animals as much as we do. This organization has done fantastic work since 2011, helping dogs and cats get the dignified and respectful treatment they deserve. This year they will again cosponsor Roger’s Rescue Ride IV with KDWB’s Dave Ryan, raising proceeds for local animals in need. 

Call to action: Support Pause 4 Paws and Dave Ryan by attending the ride, virtually or in person, or donating to the ongoing mission here.


Roger’s Rescue Ride IV with Dave Ryan


  • Kickstands up at 9:30am, event ends at 6pm
  • Riders will depart from The St Michael American Legion at 14 Main St N
  • First Stop: Baily Ray’s Roadhouse – 2120 165th Ave NE, Santiago, Mn 55377
  • Lunch: Waterfront Lakeside Grill – 13195 Bayview Rd, South Haven, MN  55382
  • Last Stop: Big Bore BBQ – 10940 4th St NE, Hanover, MN 55341
  • Bikers will ride for the cause, stopping at various locations along the way. Virtual riders are also invited to join the ride!   
  • Funds raised for Pause 4 Paws- the money to be donated to the local animals most in need


Pause 4 Paws was founded in 2011 with the mission of working to ensure dogs and cats are treated with dignity and respect. They have directly supported numerous animal rescues and sanctuaries in MN and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Pause 4 Paws worked on behalf of these organizations, distributing $500,000 to these beneficiaries and saving 46,000 dogs and cats, spaying or neutering 31,500 animals.  

2020 brought a revised focus to the organization, shifting the focus to directing funds wherever they are needed most, from funding spay/neuter clinics to covering necessary vet costs and more. 

Pause 4 Paws is 100% volunteer-run, and maintains complete transparency with funds raised- 100% goes directly to support and care of the animals.


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Do you have a charity that needs support? Email info@abrakadabraenvironmental with inquiries. We are proud to support Twin Cities charities that share our values!

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