ants in Minnesota

Creating a year-round problem, ants live in colonies and have a well-developed caste system for the division of labor. They have four stages of metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The queen ant is typically a newly mated female who lost her wings and seals herself into an area where she hopes to develop her colony. Ants feed on a wide variety of food, and foraging ants bring food or water back to the colony and pass it to the other nest-tending workers.

Ants create an adverse effect in both residential and commercial locations by invading and contaminating food and nesting in lawns, golf courses or recreational green space. In addition to the unsightly anthills, they can cause real damage to plants and landscaping. Within the structure of your home or business, they can also transmit certain human diseases after crawling over contaminated matter such as feces, sputum, etc. Abra Kadabra technicians are skilled at finding the ants and their nests and removing the risk to you, your family or clientele.


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July 16, 2017

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