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Voles are among the most prolifically reproducing mammals in North America, and certainly Minnesota. They live outside year round, and typically remain out of sight whenever possible. In the warm months they can damage our trees and gardens, but the most telling damage occurs over the winter months. Voles will venture out into our lawns under the cover of snow, travelling along the surface of the ground to seek food, decimating our lawns with an intricate maze of dead grass runs in the process. Each spring melt reveals the damage they have wrought, leaving frustrated homeowners to repair their lawns.

Our Certifications

Abra Kadabra’s pest control technicians are certified pesticide applicators with the Minnesota Pest Management Association (MPMA), and carry certifications in vertebrate and turf/ornamental pest control, among others. We utilize the highest quality products with the lowest environmental impact. Our technicians undergo recertifications with the MPMA on an annual basis. We strive to provide clients the most experienced operators in the state, with most technicians receiving supplementary training through the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association (NWCOA) as Rodent Standards Certified and Zoonotic Disease Professionals.

Our Service

Vole damage is usually first observed in the spring. We recommend calling to sign up for our winter program for subsequent years as this is typically a recurring issue, and can be hard to remember to initiate come fall. Our office can get you onto the winter schedule and reach back out in the fall in advance of setting up.
For the damage already done to your lawn and landscaping, we offer a 2 week trapping program to reduce the vole population, consisting of a trapping setup and 3 follow up visits. Well manicured lawns with shorter grass will not typically see a continuation of lawn activity over the warm months, though tree girdling and landscape damage can continue throughout these months.
Technicians will place baited traps within locked compartments to ensure only the target species, not pets or children, can access them. Technicians will note and dispose of any captures, note any habitat modification recommendations for property owners, and rebait the traps. Trapping can be a good solution for an immediate problem, however, there is no lasting effect over time.
Homeowners who expect to lay sod may want to reduce the local population through a trapping program before doing so, as they can eat away the roots and kill thousands of dollars of new grass.
Our go-to solution for most vole problems is our Winter Vole Management Program, which targets prevention of winter lawn destruction through seasonal baiting. This is equally effective whether or not a trapping program has occurred. A property that has voles will likely continue to have that problem each year, making ongoing control an important component of landscape management.

Effective Vole Removal

Bait stations are placed throughout the yard and marked with stakes before the first snowfall. The number of stations your yard requires will depend on the geographic layout, landscape features and overall size of your yard. Special attention will be paid to landscape features like rock walls, or areas bordering fields of tall grass or forest. Stations are serviced in a frequency that is ecologically and biologically sound. Many of our services fall into a 4 service cadence over the winter season.

Due to the reproductive cycle of voles, we have found that if the population is controlled early on in the winter it will hold through the frost. In some areas, the vole population is low enough that we can gain control by the third or fourth service. However, some areas we service have high populations that require 6-8 services. Bait stations will be removed when the snow melts in the spring. This service is billed per visit, and the recommended frequency and cost is dictated by each property’s acreage and specific needs.

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Have you experienced spring lawn damage at your home due to voles in the past and are concerned about the upcoming winter season? If you’re located in the greater Twin Cities, MN metro area, contact Abra Kadabra Environmental Services today to begin addressing your vole problems. Our experienced vole removal and baiting technicians will walk you through our process of preventing spring vole damage and get you scheduled for a winter baiting program.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money making your yard a tranquil oasis, and we are here to help it stay that way.

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