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Mice Removal Services in Chaska, MN

Do you have mice in your home in Chaska that need to be removed?

Mice infestations are a frequent problem in homes in Chaska, especially during winter. All it takes is a little crack for mice to sneak into your house, and they’ll immediately start chewing apart insulation, wires and anything else they can get their little teeth on. Mice can also spread a large number of diseases, like leptospirosis, through their urine and droppings.

Once mice have established themselves in your Chaska home, they’ll breed quickly and draw in more rodents with pheromone trails. If you want to restore your home to a sanitary, mouse-free environment, let our rodent control technicians work their magic!

Reliable Mice Control

If you’ve discovered signs of a mouse presence in your home in Chaska, Abra Kadabra will conduct an inspection to determine how the pests got inside and where they’re making their nests. Our technicians will then make use of traps or baits to strategically eliminate all of the mice from your property.

Once all mice have been removed from your home in Chaska, we’ll follow up by implementing exclusion barriers to prevent more mice from slipping in. Our team will also disinfect formerly mice-infested areas to eliminate bacteria and pheromone trails.

Abra Kadabra Makes Mice Disappear

If one mouse gets into your house, next week you could be dealing with a dozen. Call Abra Kadabra Environmental Services today for the most effective mice control and removal services in the Chaska area!

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