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Keep Mice Away From Your Camper

During the winter months it is common to see campers and RVs sitting outside of a home, behind a barn, in a yard, on the road, or in a storage facility. These homes on wheels lie dormant for months each year. The inactive, unoccupied space becomes a perfect residence for mice during the winter months. The structure allows for heat conservation and easy nesting. Often it even provides limited food remnants or crumbs from last summer’s escapades.
Baiting around the exterior of a structure is always a good preventative measure. Population reduction and/ or management practices are prudent when a rodent population is as prevalent as ours is in MN. Mice are the second most successful mammals in the world (after humans), and our local deer mouse population has been at an all time high. This puts homes, businesses, campers and RVs alike at high risk of rodent damage to their property through chewing of wires, removal of insulation, zoonotic diseases containing urine microdroplets, droppings and other rodent refuse.

Control methods:

  • Trap placement/ service – Trapping in a unit for a period of time for cleanout 
  • Installation of bait stations on the exterior of the RV framing and wheel wells 
  • Exclusion of key entry points 
  • Pheromone removal 
  • Disinfection services 
Exclusion measures for your camper can be somewhat easy or somewhat hard, depending on the size and style of the vehicle. Basic wire and plumbing penetrations are easily excluded. Access to the underside and walls of the vehicle can be obtained easily given the proper conditions.

Mouse Services For Camper Trailers

Campers can be serviced in our parking lot, at a home or cabin within our service area, or at a storage facility. Campers brought to us for service will be given a discounted service fee, and provided a specific appointment time. Contact our office for plan options and pricing.

Preventative methods:

  • Store RV in an enclosed garage
  • Ensure all food sources are removed from the RV/ camper 
  • Minimize heat sources that are present in the camper 
  • Use 1/10 ratio of bleach to water for removal of pheromone trails and/ or previous nesting/ droppings 

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