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Abra Kadabra Environmental Services technicians are no strangers to mice. These rodents are our most prolific winter pest, and addressing them makes up a good portion of our winter workload. Mice, like humans, seek shelter for the winter. Too often, this means they are entering homes and businesses and make their homes in attics, walls or other areas. In the process they damage insulation, shred possessions for nesting material, invite disease inside, and leave pheromone trails leading the next generation back to your home. 

Our Certifications

Our technicians have extensive experience and training in rodent management. Pest control technicians are licensed and recertified annually by the Minnesota Pest Management Association (MPMA), and hold additional certifications in Rodent Management and Zoonotic Diseases from the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association. We are fully insured to work at any height, and specialize in ground level, attic and roofline work.

Our Service

The solution for any mouse issue is our Rodent Management Service. A technician conducts a complete inspection of the home or business’s interior and exterior with identification of areas of activity. Recommendations will be given to the homeowner to aid in decreasing rodent harborage, habitat or foraging, as well as disinfection recommendations for areas where mouse pheromones, droppings, nesting, refuse or other damage may exist.

The mice that are currently in your home can be addressed with either trapping or rodenticide baiting. Once the active infestation has been addressed service transitions to an ongoing exterior control program. Exterior baiting along the home perimeter decreases rodent population density within close proximity of your home. A diminishment in that population translates to reduced ingress pressure, and ensures mice would encounter the bait before entering your home. Bait stations must be serviced and refilled regularly during the cold months to deter a renewed infestation.

Additional Control Measures


Clearing out a mouse infestation is only the first step. Preventing a recurrence is most effective when the entry points available to mice are sealed, in conjunction with baiting, either seasonally or year round, depending on your situation. Our wildlife and exclusion team conducts a thorough inspection and provides an estimate for the cost of repairs at each entry point. Those repairs are effected with durable materials like metal, mortar, and high grade sealants. Our team is highly experienced with custom metal fabrications, and can color match materials upon request. Work can be authorized in an a la carte manner, but we do recommend sealing all entry points. Mice and other wildlife will often compromise a new weak spot if the primary one is no longer available to them. Thus a preventative recommendation can become an active entry location.


Disinfection can be a vital component in reducing future incursions and mitigating the dangers of disease posed by animal waste. Mice leave pheromone trails in their wake, which are pheromonal bread crumbs visible to other mice. These trails are like Google maps directions pointing the way into your home. Future generations that pass by the same areas can and will use them as a map into your home or business if the entry points are not disinfected. Further, mice and their waste products can carry dangerous diseases like hantavirus, typhus, leptospirosis, salmonella, and lyme disease to name a few. Anywhere mouse droppings or urine are located should be treated. This is ideally done after the interior population has been cleaned out, but can be done during setup anytime waste is observed in a high contact area like a kitchen or child’s playroom.

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