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Minnesota homes and businesses that have experienced the intrusion of mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, bats and other wildlife face ongoing threats even after the animals are removed. Two of the biggest threats are that of zoonotic disease exposure to yourself or other occupants, and the risk of re-intrusion by new wildlife. 

  • Zoonotics: Animal waste products carry the potential for exposure to dangerous bacterial, viral, parasitic or other forms of infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Examples include Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Plague, Histoplasmosis, E. Coli, Raccoon Roundworm, and Avian Tuberculosis.
  • Pheromones: Animals secrete pheromone-containing oils, which rub off onto entry points and along paths of travel. These pheromones attract other animals while simultaneously showing them the route into your structure. The existence of pheromones at previous animal entry points increases your risk of re-intrusion.

Our Qualifications

Abra Kadabra offers a disinfection service to help combat these threats. Our technicians are all Wildlife Control Operators who have been trained and certified by the National Wildlife Control Operator’s Association (NWCOA). They hold additional certifications in Rodent Standards, Bat Standards and Structural Bat Management, and as Zoonotic Disease Professionals and Bird Management Professionals. We are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of zoonotic disease mitigation, and can bring peace of mind back to your home.

Our Disinfection Process

There are a few main places our disinfection service targets. The zoonotic disease threat is addressed in areas where occupants could be exposed to biological matter, with the timing dependent on the location of the waste products or other biological matter (including feathers). The re-intrusion risk is addressed in areas the animals can potentially access or have accessed and caused damage.
  • Kitchens/High Risk Areas: Areas where people frequent like a kitchen or child’s play area are high risk. In these instances technicians will suggest treatment at the first service visit to protect occupants from direct contact with waste matter. 
  • Attics: Biological and waste matter will continue to accumulate as long as the wildlife continues visiting or occupying the structure. For this reason it is our policy to address contamination after the trapping, baiting or eviction program is completed. Contaminated matter will be removed from the structure, and a disinfectant will be applied on any affected accessible and non-removable building materials to decrease the potential disease sources from within the attic space.. In some situations ULV fogging of the attic or a complete attic remediation may be required. 
  • Entry Points: The removal of pheromone buildup at key locations such as entry points can greatly reduce the risk of re-intrusion. It is important to wait to conduct a pheromone removal until after the conclusion of the trapping (or baiting) program. Traps/baits have been strategically placed based on the behavior and established habits of the animal. Altering those behaviors during a removal would therefore be counter-productive. At the conclusion of  the program, disinfection would occur alongside the exclusion of the structure.
  • Other Areas: Waste products are sometimes accumulated outside of the attic or kitchen, such as in a basement, shed, front step, or sandbox. Removal of waste product and disinfection timing will be dependent on the risk/traffic level of a location. Again, accumulation will likely continue until the animals are removed.

Trusted Pest & Wildlife Disinfection Services

Our process is designed to eliminate over 31 different strains of bacteria, 19 virus strains, and a variety of germs and fungi associated with wildlife. Our products act as a disinfectant, a sanitizer and a virucide and are deployed alongside additional disinfection tools including HEPA Vac, Dry Steam Above 250 degrees, Tyvek suits with respirators, gloves, and odor removal products.
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