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Moles In The Twin Cities:

Have you been noticing piles of dirt suddenly appearing in your front lawn? What about raised lines in your lawn that seem to construct a network of underground tunnels?
If either of these situations sound familiar, you may have a mole problem.
Though there are two species of moles found in Minnesota, the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area is most affected by the Eastern mole.
Moles largely live underground in their tunnel systems searching for their various food sources – earthworms, grubs, and various other insects. As they search for food near your lawn’s surface, they often destroy the grass and other plants’ roots as they continue to dig forward. Our technicians are extremely well-versed in mole trapping and can help solve your mole issue.

Mole Control Methods

You’ve worked hard to create the beautiful lawn you have, but it has all been ruined because of the invasion of a mole. In order to get rid of this troublemaking mole, the expert mole removal team at Abra Kadabra Environmental Services has just the solution for you.
Since 2005, we have been continuing to develop our mole trapping methods. As we leave each client satisfied with our effective results, we are constantly learning new and innovative methods to relieve homeowners of this pest invasion. Our team of expert mole trappers have the training and experience to quickly and effectively remove the troublesome moles from your yard.

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