Municipal Wildlife Control

Professional expertise to keep your community safe.

Abra Kadabra is proud to provide wildlife control and wildlife removal services to communities that require, but cannot afford a full time Animal control officer. Sometimes the communities do have a control officer, but they are not available for emergency calls. We are able to offer municipal wildlife control to local communities that need further assistance with emergency calls and routine patrols. We are available when you need us and we are equipped with the knowledge to tackle any wildlife control job.


Work that we have performed for various municipalities and local governments includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Rodent abatement and exclusion, squirrel abatement and exclusion, bat exclusion and eviction, bird prevention/removal.
  • Cleanup/disinfection of wildlife damage including bird droppings/ nesting, rodent droppings/nesting, insulation removal, general surface decontamination.
  • Roadkill removal, ongoing rodent control, dead animal removal, nuisance wildlife removal.
  • Emergency services such as emergency bat removal, emergency bird removal, emergency removal of animal in a building.

Protect your community from wildlife threats!

If your community needs further assistance with wildlife control, road kill removal, rodent control, nuisance wildlife removal, and emergency wildlife services we would be happy to help. Fill out the form to tell us about your needs and what you’re looking for and we will reach out to you shortly to come up with a solution to your wildlife problem.

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Please call or email us with any further questions regarding wildlife encounters your community may be experiencing. We take pride in being active in our communities. We would be honored to be a wildlife resource for your area.
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