Our company has updated our protocols recently to aid in the fight to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. We have consulted information shared by the health department, the CDC, and Governor Waltz, and would like to reassure you that we take the safety of our customers, technicians, and staff seriously. Below are highlights of important information regarding our services during this time, followed by more detailed information:

  • We will continue any recurring services as scheduled, as most of the work is performed outside.
  • If we need interior access to address an issue you are experiencing, while supplies last you may request the technician to do a suit and respirator for a cost of $20 if you or anyone you are in close contact with are at a higher risk. We do have some supply of PPE gear present, but request customers to be responsible in asking for this, so we still have them for those who most need it. Once a suit is used in your home, it cannot be reused. Supply replenishment may become limited if this pandemic lasts long enough.
  • Our technicians are all diligently ensuring proper hand washing and social distancing occur, and can email invoices so you don’t have to physically hand anything to them, or vice versa.
  • Our office staff has shifted to remote work, and employees are minimizing trips to our office to resupply materials. We are making great efforts to minimize our contact with others, to enable us to safely continue serving our community’s public health needs by combating pest and wildlife intrusion.
  • Our technicians are trained in the prevention of zoonotic diseases like COVID-19. We have the knowledge, tools, and equipment needed, and have been working with zoonotic diseases for years. The work we do helps in the prevention of similar future outbreaks. We take this responsibility quite seriously. Every single technician is trained in zoonotic, and two of our technicians have completed a full certification program in zoonotic diseases with the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

As a provider of pest and wildlife control, our service is essential to public health and welfare. Pests and wildlife can carry diseases that can endanger our families and communities. Our technicians are certified in zoonotic disease prevention and are here to assist homeowners and businesses in preventing another outbreak like COVID-19. As we enter the spring, bats become more active and can present a danger. As winter comes to a close we also remain vigilant with mice, which can also carry these diseases.

The professional pest and wildlife control industries are essential services, playing a vital role in protecting our nation’s public health and food supply. The industry is working on being added to those recognized by the government as essential services. Pests can spread diseases such as West Nile virus, Lyme disease, salmonellosis, hantavirus, and encephalitis. Stinging insects force half a million people to the emergency room every year. Cockroach and rodent allergens trigger asthma attacks in children; rodents contaminate or consume about 20% of the world’s food supply and bed bugs can cause allergic reactions. The importance of the pest control industry to the nation as an essential service cannot be understated.

Additionally, we are trained, tested and certified in the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Technicians routinely employ the use of respirators, eye protection, gloves, and clothing to conform with safety requirements established by EPA and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. We stand ready to continue our fight against pests and diseases. With Covid-19 on the mind of all US citizens and the world, we want to be sure we continue to serve the country in our battle with the diseases spread by pests.

As an essential service industry, we and our counterparts will continue to service the nation’s food production facilities, grocery stores, medical institutions, multifamily housing units, warehouses, homes and businesses. We cannot afford to have our medical facilities, grocery stores or homes uninhabitable due to pests and pest-related diseases, particularly as we tell citizens to stay home. There is not a segment of the food industry that could comply with federal sanitation and health regulations without an adequate pest control program, which is indispensable in the effort to protect public health and our nation’s food supply.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We understand that these are uncertain times, and will make every effort to continue maintaining public health through the work we do. Stay safe, stay healthy, and let us know if we can be of any assistance to you as we all begin spending more time at home, and spring pests and wildlife are starting to wake up.

Stay healthy,

The Abra Kadabra Team

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