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Tick Season in Minnesota

Tick season in the Midwest usually runs from March-October, with late spring and summer being the most active. These blood feeding insects are attracted to outdoor shaded areas and often stay hidden in tall grass, shrubs, lawns, gardens and wooded areas in search of a food source that they can latch onto. Minnesota is a high-risk area for tick activity due to its mild climate and forest landscapes. In search for their hosts, they will crawl and grab onto small mammals they come into contact with and stay attached while feeding on blood, which is why checking yourself and your pets for ticks is important after spending time outdoors. The most commonly found species in Minnesota are deer ticks and wood ticks. 

Diseases Ticks Carry

As many know, ticks often carry and transmit diseases, such as Lyme disease, to their hosts. Ticks are small and often hard to detect, so being able to thoroughly check yourself and your pets is important in order to avoid being infected. According to the CDC, around 60,000 cases of tickborne diseases were reported last year, with the regions in the upper midwestern part of the country at high-risk for these diseases.



Tick Prevention For Your Yard

  1. Make sure your property is free of rodents. Ticks feed on small mammals and will migrate to where they can find a food source. Making sure your home is free of rodents such as mice will keep ticks and other insects away.
  2. Mow your lawn frequently. Ticks prefer areas that are shaded and away from heat, which is why taller grass and shrubs are where they prefer to stay. If your yard is not trimmed and cleaned regularly, you could be creating the perfect environment for ticks.
  3. Create barriers around the perimeter of your yard. To keep ticks from traveling to your yard, create a barrier around the perimeter of your lawn such as gravel or wood chips.
  4. Call for professional tick control services at your home. For the best results, we recommend calling pest control experts in order to keep ticks away from your home for good. 

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