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Are Wasps Nesting On Your Home?

As social insects, wasps can create colonies of thousands. Once the queen builds its nest, she will begin laying eggs that will eventually become worker wasps. This activity results in rapid growth of colonies and the nests in which they live. Once established, wasps are very protective of their nest and will become violent once disturbed.
Although wasps bring advantages to our environment, homeowners and business owners generally prefer to keep them away from their common areas such as patios, decks and other gathering places. Often, they are found on the sunny side of a home (commonly the south or west side) underneath eaves, windows or ledges. Wasp and bee stings are a real concern for people with severe allergies. While many homeowners wish to keep wasps away from their home, they may not realize that they are creating the perfect place for wasps to nest.
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Common Wasp Attractions

  1. Outdoor eating areas where food gets left behind
  2. Uncovered trash bins
  3. Large population of insects and spiders to prey on
  4. Flowers or plants with nectar

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Keeping Wasps Away

There are a number of things you can do to prevent the presence of wasps at your home:
  1. Seal entry points
  2. Remove food sources
  3. Line all nesting areas

While there are a number of preventative tactics you can use to keep wasps away, you should contact professionals if you notice you have a wasp problem. If approached without the necessary tools and equipment, they may become aggressive and start to attack. At Abra Kadabra, we provide services such as single nest removal and exclusion services.

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