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Your Home Has Many Doors for Unwanted Pests. We Close Them.

What is Wildlife Exclusion?

This is a word used almost exclusively in the wildlife/ pest  control industry. To Exclude means we are animal-proofing your home. We identify and repair/ seal up the entry points with commercial-grade products designed specifically for the wildlife control industry.

The products we utilize are resistant to chewing/ scratching from animals such as squirrels, mice and raccoons. This also means that these products can last through tough weather, temperature changes,  UV rays and other weathering factors that cause the breakdown of common products utilized in the pest control industry.

Commercial sealants designed to seal gaps in your home and expand/ contract with the temperature fluctuations and changes in the seasons.

We also utilize custom bent metal barriers that we measure, color match and cut/bend onsite for a perfect fit. These barriers are very effective at keeping animals out of your home

Not only are we animal-proofing your home, we are utilizing aesthetically appealing methods to eliminate wildlife entry to your home. Also, all of our services are fully warrantied!

Our Approach

Our goal as pest control professionals is two-fold:

  1. Identify the pest through a thorough inspection of the property.
  2. Remove/ eliminate current population of wildlife/ pests.
  3. Elimination of current and potential entry points through Exclusion with high grade, metal products designed for wildlife control and exclusion

Abra Kadabra follows  a four point process approved by the National Wildlife Control Operator Association (NWCOA) which is…Inspect, Remove, Monitor and Repair.

  • Inspection identifies wildlife invaders, entry points and damage.
  • Removal is the process of removing offending wildlife NOT random wildlife this is done by placement and other techniques.
  • Monitoring is the process of making sure all wildlife has been removed this is accomplished with a wildlife movement indicator to assure job is complete and to assure no wildlife is inside of home when repairs are preformed.
  • Repair is process to end future entry into home with materials and products that are proven to be wildlife proof.

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