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Asian Beetle Behavior

They’re the foul-smelling, evil twin of the gentle, environment-benefitting ladybug – the Asian Lady Beetle.

Oftentimes swarming your home, garage and business during the late summer and extending to early Autumn, these pesky Asian Lady Beetles’ behavior is driven by their desire to find food
The invasive pests have moved on from the farmers’ recently harvested soybean fields and are simply looking for their next meal which is unfortunately near your home. As they feed on small aphids and other small insects, they also search for warmth.
For this reason, these bugs gather on your siding and windows where sunlight shines the brightest.  Even though their life cycles only last for around one month, the annoyance and damage they can cause is tremendous.  As they gather around warm, sunlit areas around your home, (oftentimes doorways) these beetles can land on you and consequently bite you.  These bites have the possibility of causing various irritations to your skin and sinus. In addition to the biting, they also release a chemical defense which carries a strong odor and can also stain clothes and walls.
As Autumn progresses, the behavior of these Asian Lady Beetles is highly motivated by the dropping temperatures.   Searching for warmth, these pests will try anything they can to enter your home.  Consequently, they will often find their way in through vents or open doors and be spotted circling light fixtures in search of warmth.  In contrast to the standard ladybug which does not enter your home as they make their home outdoors during the winter, the Asian Beetle tries to find warmth in your home.

Now with all of this information about Asian Lady Beetles and the harm they can do to your home, business or clothing, is there hope for preventing their infestation? Yes!

Asian Beetle Control Options

The first step to preventing asian beetle interior home invasion is by proactively protecting your home’s exterior. One option is to spray your property and surrounding trees with insecticide, but you can also opt for a natural deterrent. Bay leaves, cloves, or even planting a garden will all help keep bugs away from your property.

Another simple way of preventing entry into your home is by sealing all cracks in your foundation and the siding of your property along with placing a metal mesh over any external vent they could crawl into.

If the Asian Lady Beetles have reached your interior already, you can once again choose a liquid or powder insecticide to rid your property of the pest or you can choose other natural deterrents. One option is to vacuum them up and dispose the bag once it is full. Another couple options might be to set up a light trap or spray citrus scented essential oils in problematic areas.

With Asian Lady Beetles being such an annual disturbance, make this next year the easiest you’ve had by setting the correct preventative measures into place. Call Abra Kadabra Environmental Services today for year-round Asian Lady Beetle control!

Abra Kadabra Environmental Services offers Asian lady beetle removal in Blaine, Excelsior, Minnetonka, Mound, Plymouth, Wayzata, and other surrounding areas!

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