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Our Approach To Removing Bed Bugs

It is important to properly and efficiently remove bed bugs in your home to limit further spread and biting. Here at Abra Kadabra, we have long followed the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest control. This approach is a multi-step process that employs multiple methodologies in an integrated fashion to successfully resolve pest problems in an entomologically sound manner.
Using the IPM approach, bed bugs are vacuumed up and physically removed. The area is then steamed with directed heat in excess of 120 degrees followed by a chemical application to get rid of any stragglers. This is an alternative approach to the thermal remediation process where the entire structure and all of its contents are heated to 120 degrees. While the IPM method is more labor intensive than thermal remediation, it carries less risk of damage to the contents of a home at roughly half the cost.

Continued Education Opportunities

In October 2020 we had an invaluable opportunity to review our bedbug protocols with industry giant Paul Bello, author of the Bed Bug Combat Manual and other pest control publications. We were able to confirm that our approach remains entomologically sound and enact minor updates to our protocols.

Twin Cities Bed Bug Experts

Abra Kadabra purchases the finest bed bug removal products on the market, and continues to keep up on the latest strategies as they are introduced. In contrast to many surrounding pest control companies, our technicians are trained and equipped to differentiate bed bugs from bat bugs. This process normally requires the assistance of an entomologist and is vital to proper identification and treatment of either pest.

Bed Bug Removal Process

The Abra Kadabra bed bug removal process begins with a complimentary pest inspection. Our technician will complete a thorough inspection of the entire living area to confirm identification, locate all problem areas, and determine an entomologically sound remediation plan. A price will be quoted, and a service time will be scheduled. In some instances, service will occur the same day.
The remediation service takes approximately 2 hours to complete. All bedrooms, living rooms, and other problem areas will be treated to ensure full eradication. We understand that finding bed bugs in your home can be very stressful. Our technicians do the prep work at the start of service as a courtesy for our clients. Clients may still choose to bag up and launder all fabrics from the affected rooms using a hot water setting, but it is not required.
Remove Bed Bugs
Technicians begin by vacuuming up and physically removing all visible bed bugs. They will vacuum all mattresses, box springs, bed frames, couches, fabric furniture, nightstands, dressers and closets, as well as electrical sockets, carpets and baseboards in the affected areas. Directed heat in the form of steam is applied to the surfaces next, unless it is a sensitive material like suede or leather. We apply heat directly and intentionally so we never damage anything in your home.
The label is the law with all pesticides. A select few are rated as okay to apply to mattresses and other furniture, but we believe just because you can do a thing does not mean you should. Clients and their families come into direct contact with these items, and we prefer to ensure they are not coming into direct contact with applied pesticides. Our initial vacuuming and steam application eliminate any bed bugs on your mattress, sofas or armchairs, but we do offer mattress encasements as an add-on option. This would ensure that, on the outside chance that one survived undetected, it is trapped and unable to bite or relocate. Technicians would encase the mattresses and box springs with a cotton encasement before returning it to the bed, to remain in place. In the event a new infestation is picked up and brought home in the future, the cover will make crawling difficult and would highlight any new fecal matter.
Liquid Application
The last step is the application portion of the service. A dust desiccant is placed in electrical sockets in the affected rooms, and the covers are replaced. The technician finishes by applying a liquid to the baseboards and carpets in the affected rooms. We do not apply it to your furniture, as these are items you will be touching frequently.
Clients will need to remain away from the structure for 4 hours following the completion of service. Any clothing or bedding material that was left in furniture will be piled on the floor, steamed and bedbug free. All mattresses and box springs will be returned to their original positions, and electrical outlet covers back in place. Some minor clean up tasks may remain.

Bed Bug Follow Up Services

Your technician will return approximately 2 weeks after the initial application to re-inspect, re-apply, and ensure chemical resistance is not a factor. Our clients have invested a lot of time and resources to get a solution, and we want to ensure the matter is completely resolved.
In instances of heavy infestation, your technician may recommend a third visit, but this would generally have been planned from the time of inspection. This service will again require clients to vacate the premises for up to 6 hours. A warranty is extended 90 days from initial service.

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