German Cockroach FAQ's

Cockroach Removal Services In MN
How do I keep roaches from coming back?
Sanitation measures are key with this pest. It is important for spaces we have treated to remain clean for three reasons. First, the products we use lose their effectiveness when combined with dirt and grime. Second, if food or water remain accessible to cockroaches, they will continue to have a foodsource, leading them to avoid our baits. Lastly, eliminating clutter helps eliminate their harborages.
How quickly can I expect results?
Generally, customers see improvements within a few days, but you should give the treatment 2 weeks to be fully effective.
How many treatments do I need?
How many treatments do I need? Total eradication can be achieved in one treatment for many clients, while heavy infestations are generally resolved after 2 treatments. We will reinspect the property 2 weeks after the initial treatment to ensure that the population is eliminated, and treat again if necessary
Do you guarantee your work?
We stand behind the work we do with a full 90 day warranty.
Do I need to be home for the service?
Residents and their pets will need to vacate the premises for the service visit and the 4 hours after it is completed.
What do I have to do to get ready?
Your technician will identify which rooms require treatment, and provide you with cleaning instructions in preparation for service. Affected rooms will need to be emptied and cleaned extremely thoroughly with appliances pulled out from the wall 2 feet to maximize the technician’s access and the effectiveness of the treatment. As a general rule of thumb, affected rooms should appear “move-in ready.”
What is safe to touch after the service?
Residents and their pets must vacate the premises for the service time plus 4 hours. Any applications will be out of reach or fully dried upon your return. Items may be returned to their original locations.
What if I live in an apartment?
In multi-unit settings we recommend all units be inspected for activity as roaches can easily travel between units, making it more difficult to completely eradicate them by visiting just one unit. In these situations, we recommend that all units be inspected and all units with activity evidenced be treated regularly until resolved.
Where did they come from?
Unlike most insects here in Minnesota, cockroaches do not invade a home from the outside. They are hitchhikers that travel on humans or on items that we bring from a home or property that is currently experiencing a cockroach issue. If you live in an apartment complex or multi-unit complex, there is a good chance the cockroaches came from your neighbors.
What will you use?
We treat using some combination of HEPPA vacuuming, commercial steaming to 320°F, baits, dusts, sprays and glue monitors. Our inspection will identify the most effective and least impactful treatment combination of IPM methods for your situation. All of our cockroach control products are EPA certified as safe to apply in residential and food preparation settings.
Can I spray a hardware store product to help get rid of it?
It is important not to spray your own pest control product. Any store bought products that are sprayed reduce the effectiveness of the products we have applied.
Are your services eco friendly?
We do utilize synthetic and organic chemical products to eliminate pests, and prefer to use products that are deemed as “reduced risk” or organic whenever possible. We will utilize the least impactful product necessary to eliminate the current cockroach population.
What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?
IPM is a decision making tree where trained pest control professionals inspect and determine the proper steps needed, then treat starting with the least impactful treatment option and working their way up. IPM treatments can and should vary from situation to situation, and do not always include the application of pesticides.

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