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Mice are the most common pest found inside Mound homes, and they’re especially common in the winter, when they’re trying to build a nest somewhere warm. Mice are unruly houseguests that will chew apart insulation, wiring and whatever else is available for them to gnaw on. Mouse damage to electrical wiring is a common cause of both power outages and fires. Mice are also carriers of hantavirus and other zoonotic diseases which can be spread by contact with their droppings.

Mice reproduce quickly and use pheromone trails to attract more of their kind into your Mound home. If mice have invaded your residence, Abra Kadabra can get them under control with a wave of our magic wands.

Professional Mice Removal

If you think mice have moved into your Mound house, Abra Kadabra Environmental Services will deploy a specialist to search your home for their point of entry and where they’ve built a nest. Our licensed professionals will position traps in areas with mouse activity to remove them all as quickly as possible. In addition to our interior mice control services, we can also place bait boxes along the exterior of your home to cut down on your neighborhood’s mouse population.

It won’t take us long to rid your Mound home of mice but keeping them gone is a real magic trick. Once our mice removal is complete, Abra Kadabra advises you to continue with our animal-proofing and disinfection services. Mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a dime, and our animal-proofing tactic involves locating every little crack in the exterior of your home and using a sturdy material to seal it so no more mice can sneak in. Our disinfection service involves sending our experienced crew into your home to clear out all of the mouse feces and nesting materials, and to disinfect areas where waste accumulated and pheromone trails may have been left.

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If your home is infested with mice, you need to remove them as quickly as possible to avoid the risk of damage and disease. Contact Abra Kadabra Environmental Solutions today for elite mice control and removal services in the Mound area!

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