Mosquito Control Services In Twin Cities, MN

Smart, Sustainable Mosquito Control

Our Mosquito Maintenance Plans

Our typical mosquito control plan includes a combination of conventional spraying and the ongoing presence of the In2Care® mosquito trap.
We also offer specific services before events such as weddings, graduation parties, outdoor functions and many others to ensure your guests can enjoy themselves mosquito-free.
If you are looking for mosquito control in Minneapolis or surrounding suburbs, contact us for a customized mosquito control consultation and plan!

First Local Provider of the In2Care® System

Abra Kadabra is proud to be the first pest control company in Minnesota to offer the In2Care® mosquito trap.
This system traps and eliminates mosquitos on your property in an environmentally-friendly way. It works by attracting mosquitos into a trap complete with a pesticide and larvicide that kills the invading mosquito along with the larvae it lays in the trap.
The larvicide also follows the mosquito to other nesting sites that may be hard to locate by a pest control provider.
We incorporate this system into our standard mosquito control plans and are proud to offer the most advanced, effective mosquito control in the state.

Needing Mosquito Control Services?

Please fill out this form if you are interested in our traditional mosquito control plans or this package combined with the In2Care mosquito control system. A representative of Abra Kadabra Environmental Services will be in touch with you shortly.

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