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Detecting & Identifying Muskrat Presence

Muskrat are capable of creating a wide variety of damage to waterfront properties. Some common ones include:

  1. Collapsed shorelines and lawns: Muskrats will construct subterranean burrows with underwater entrances that can extend far into lawns and adjacent shoreline areas. These shallow underground burrows will often collapse underfoot or when mowed over.
  2. Plugged culverts and drainage tiles              
  3. Feeding damage to native shoreline vegetation, ornamental and agricultural plantings
  4. Damage to watercraft:
    1. Chewed rubber of inboard motor seals, wiring, and plastic hoses
    2. Soiled areas from feeding platforms and toilet areas
  5. Damage to fountains and irrigation systems: Chewed water supply tubing and electrical wiring harnesses
  6. Docks and shoreline structures:
    1. Muskrats will set up residence in, on or under many styles of docks and boathouses
    2. When so equipped, dock floatation devices can have severe chewing damage
  7. Damage to seawalls, dikes, embankments, retaining walls, rip-rap and other shoreline landscaping: Burrowing can undermine the structural integrity of these areas
  8. Damage to pond liners and aerators: Chewing and burrowing will compromise these areas         

Dispersing muskrats are sometimes caught in chain link fences, window wells, and other unexpected locations. They will occupy a vacant lodge they encounter, or build their own out of local vegetation and mud into a telltale round shape, or simply burrow into shorelines areas to create a den. This burrowing damage is among the most common of customer complaints we get. If you have a muskrat problem in the Twin Cities metro area, give us a call today.

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