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Raccoon Damages/Detection

Raccoons infiltrate homes seeking harborage. They are very good climbers and can easily access the roof via overhanging tree branches, gutter downspouts, exposed brick chimneys and siding corners. They will take advantage of any existing gaps or weak spots of the home to gain access. Raccoons are very strong animals and will pull off a roof vent, rip up shingles, tear open a ridge vent or break through a gable vent to get into the attic.

Raccoons residing in attic areas will cause damage to insulation, ducting and wiring. Their activity will compact attic insulation resulting in greatly reduced R-values and higher energy costs. Raccoons will also set up latrine areas within, or in close proximity to, the attic. Buildup of urine and feces in the attic over time will require clean out and disinfection. In severe cases, a full attic remediation may be warranted. 

An uncapped chimney is very attractive to raccoons. They are able to climb up and down the flue tile with ease, and the fireplace smoke shelf is an ideal location to raise their young. Raccoons in a chimney are typically identifiable by their noise. 

Raccoons also like to reside under decks, sheds and porches. The low overhead cover provides shelter and a secluded location to raise their young. Again, they will likely be audible if this is the case. 

At certain times of the year, raccoons will damage turf in search of grubs and worms. At particular risk is newly laid sod. The frequent watering of new sod creates an ideal environment for worms and grubs just below the surface. Raccoons will tear up and roll back the sod to get at this readily available food source. Once found, they will visit the area on a nightly basis, causing severe damage to the new sod.

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