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Rat Removal Services In MN
How can I tell if I have mice or rats?

Burrows, latrines and 2-3 inch wide rub marks are all indicators of rats while mice will defecate as they travel and do not burrow into the ground. Either pest may produce nesting and correlated damage, insulation trails, or nocturnal noises. Rats will typically have a shorter tail and larger size. (See Biology)

Is it dangerous to have rats in my home?
Rats and their waste products are vectors for various dangerous diseases including hantavirus, leptospirosis, plague, salmonellosis and more. They should be removed and their waste areas disinfected to ensure they do not continue to pose a health threat to occupants.
How fast can you get rid of them?
Rats are a highly intelligent and neophobic animal, meaning they are weary of new additions to their environments. It can take some time to achieve bait acceptance, but once that has occurred trapping or baiting can produce effective results. Sealing their entry points at the beginning and cleaning up available food and water can hasten this process.
Is this something I can handle myself?

While you certainly can try to remediate a rat infestation on your own, we do not recommend it. Rats learn from their experiences, meaning any failed attempt will make future efforts more difficult. It is ideal to enlist the help of a trained professional, and utilize whatever disinfection measures they recommend.

How did they get in?
Most structures have multiple entry points ranging from incoming pipes and lines, to vents, to builder’s gaps and more. A trained professional can inspect your structure for all active and potential entry points, and recommend effective solutions.
What can I do besides exclusion to deter them?

Decreasing ground clutter and harborage areas in proximity to your foundation is an excellent first step. Removing food and water sources will make your home or business less appealing, disinfection of pheromones at entry points, a rodent deterrent application around the perimeter, and ongoing exterior baiting are all effective elements to consider.

Can I bait for rats if I have pets?
All of our bait stations are locked and secured, ensuring non-target animals do not have access to our bait blocks.
Can you seal their entry points to stop them?
Sealing of entry points, called exclusion, is ideal in any circumstance. It limits the avenues available to them for entry, and it entraps and stresses the interior population, making trapping and baiting more effective more rapidly.

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