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What It Means When You Find Spiders In Your Home

Spiders are a good indicator that there is an existing pest population in a home or structure. They need something to feed on and will trap and eliminate some of your other bugs and pests, which might not be a bad thing, at least as long as spiders aren’t an issue for you. They can be a frustrating nuisance or an even greater issue for people with spider phobias.
Spiders are the most active during the Fall, which is when they emerge from their hiding places to search for a mate. Around this time it is most common to find them on walls, screen doors, and other areas of the home. If they are not in search of a mate, they are likely in search of food. While they pose no real threat, they can multiply quickly if they nest in your home. Spiders can lay about 100 eggs in a silken sac. When identifying spiders within your home, it’s important to understand the underlying cause in order to solve the problem.

Spider Behavior

These pests have 8 legs but lack wings and antennae. They tend to make their webs in areas where there are high chances of catching their prey (homes on lakes, lights on the home, around windows where bugs may congregate, behind furniture, etc.). Every unsightly “cobweb” you see in your home was made by a spider.

Our Solution

Abra Kadabra’s indoor management includes removal of spiders, webs and egg sacs. Space treatments of residual products are often used for eliminating indoor and outdoor spider infestations. Long-term residual control of spiders is difficult to achieve without regularly scheduled applications.

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