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Bird Problems At Commercial & Residential Properties

Birds are more than just annoyances for home-owners as they come in many forms and cause all types of problems. Birds such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows can cause property damage and even carry diseases, which is why it is important to keep them away from commercial and residential buildings. At Abra Kadabra, we have all the proper knowledge and techniques to remove birds from properties and keep them away for good. Those affected by the following bird problems should consider professional bird control, flock reduction and bird netting programs:
  • Birds feeding on crops
  • Birds roosting and nesting within building awnings and signage
  • Bird droppings and odors left behind
  • Carrying of diseases that threaten human health

We Also Offer Decontamination

Because nuisance birds often carry disease- it is extremely important to decontaminate the area the birds have been inhabiting. We proactively remove nest material and use commercial sanitizers and disinfectants to ensure any disease-carrying material is minimized on your property.

Nuisance Birds By Species

English Sparrows:

This species of bird is commonly known for living in close proximity to humans, making them a common pest that many are bothered by. They are often found flying in and out of their nest holes in search of crumbs and food left behind by humans. They prefer to nest within small enclosures and often use gutters, shutters and siding on buildings to build their nests on. In addition to nesting and feeding problems, the droppings they leave behind can carry a number of diseases, including histoplasmosis and encephalitis.


These annoying ground foragers love to crowd streets and outdoor public areas where they can easily find food. Pigeons are often found perched on rooftops to scout for food and they are easy to identify with their gray-colored feathers and their tendency to travel in groups. Their droppings also present a huge health risk to humans and it can be very costly to safely clean up large amounts of pigeon feces.


Starlings are another common nuisance pest which cause a threat to human safety and health. They travel in flocks of thousands and appear dark with light speckles on their feathers. They nest within cavities and oftentimes cause issues at livestock facilities, passing diseases from one to the next. They are known to nest within exhaust vents which causes an additional threat to indoor air quality and overall safety.

Bird Deterrents & Solutions

These common nuisance pests are unprotected, however, removing them in city limits can require permits and should be handled by a professional. Once the birds are removed from the property, we also offer the following bird deterrents to ensure that these pests don’t come back:
  • Bird netting as a barrier from openings and eaves
  • Metal coverings over ledges at 45-degree angles
  • Pin and wire systems to prevent perching and roosting

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