Picture this…

You are running a business that sees hundreds of clients a day. Clients come in and out of the parking structure connected to your building. This provides convenience for your patrons, and it shields them and their vehicles from the outdoor elements. 

Convenience is a huge bonus for those patrons, especially during the extremes of weather that Minnesota experiences. Unexpected snowfalls, high heat and intense rainstorms would otherwise make the walk in and out of your facility rather frustrating. The garage provides that relief for your clients, and is an incredible asset to your company. 

Now imagine the same situation, but with a pigeon population that has taken up residence in and around your place of business. Your large commercial structure, coupled with the overhangs provided by the parking structure, create a perfect habitat to allow a pigeon population to swell. 

One pigeon can produce between 20 and 25 pounds of droppings per year. If it was just one bird, that may be a manageable metric. When that pigeon flock grows to 100, 200 or even 1000, however, it becomes far less manageable. 

Those pigeons result in a ton of crap! 


Consequences Of Pigeons In Your Commercial Structure

pigeon issues for commercial buildingsRoosting and defecating pigeons in your parking structure create stains, and it becomes unsightly. The hundreds of patrons your building sees quickly begin to talk about the birds defecating on their vehicles and staining the interior portions of the structure. In an attempt to eliminate the whispers, your facilities maintenance crew allocates 3-5 laborers to clean up droppings. They spend a week cleaning and attempting to scare the birds off while removing their nesting. They feel accomplished as they report back that they have succeeded. The resources needed and labor hours spent are totaled up. 

The following week, employees and patrons return, only to see newly seated stains and more pigeons! They have returned and resumed their activity as if the battle had never been fought. The whispers continue amongst your patrons, and now the employees are also complaining. 

Their portion of the lot has also become overrun with pigeons, and the acidic remnants of the pigeon waste has stained the paint on several high ranking officials’ vehicles. After a few months of the maintenance crew fighting this pigeon occupation, the health department is called in. Not because of the birds themselves, but because of the incredible uptick in the amount of salmonella or e.coli cases that have been traced back to your facility. 

After a thorough inspection, and consumption of multiple offices’ time and resources, the health inspector determines that the bird droppings in the parking garage are the causative factor for the uptick in the communicable avian diseases. For this reason, the parking garage is shut down until the birds can be eliminated. Resources have been expended excessively, the public has lost trust in your business, and now this is directly costing incoming business. 

These issues began with a simple desire to provide your customers a convenient parking spot and walkway. That desire can still be fulfilled, but spending some time on prevention up front can save your company a lot of money and hassle down the road.


Get Rid Of Troublesome Pigeons Today!

nuisance pigeons in MN commercial buildingsIf this is an issue you are experiencing at your commercial property in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area, please call Abra Kadabra today. 

One of our certified bird and zoonotic disease specialists will be able to assist your company in developing a comprehensive bird management program, uniquely designed with your particular concerns and limitations in mind. We are a second generation family owned company with 20 years of experience, and are here to help and provide a warranty you can trust.

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