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About German Cockroaches

Cockroach species differ from one another in biology, preferred environments, and treatment required. In Minnesota, almost all infestations are those of German Cockroaches. Roaches are inherently dirty, breeding and harboring in some of the dirtiest places one can think of, including sewers and drainage pipes. Germs they spread can easily be translocated to eating surfaces and utensils.
These pests can spread bacteria, cause respiratory irritations, and have even been found to be a causal factor in asthma. Getting an infestation eradicated can bring peace of mind back to your home, and eliminate the germs spread caused by these unwelcome guests.
Abra Kadabra utilizes the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to pest control to combat cockroach infestations. This approach is a multi-step process that employs multiple methodologies in an integrated fashion to successfully resolve pest problems in an entomologically sound manner. Inspections are used to determine the most effective and least impactful methodologies for each situation, and a remediation plan is formed accordingly.

Continuing Education/Best Products & Training

All Abra Kadabra technicians are fully insured, and licensed with the Minnesota Pest Management Association. Pest control technicians undergo annual recertification and training, staying up to date on all the latest developments in the industry.
We utilize the highest quality products on the market as part of our promise to provide our customers with the least impactful and most effective treatment possible. We utilize both green and synthetic products for cockroach infestations, and cycle between them to minimize the impact of pesticide resistance.

Cockroach Removal Process

The technician will begin with an inspection of your home or apartment, including any accessible adjacent units. Under ideal circumstances the entire structure would be inspected. Kitchens and bathrooms are primary infestation locations, with heavy infestations capable of pushing further into the living space.
The technician will identify where evidence of activity is found, develop a remediation plan, explain the process they will use to treat the problem, supply a list of tasks that must be done in preparation for the service, and schedule both the service visit and the subsequent 2 week follow-up visit. This is all included in the total price.
Preparation for Service:
Clients will be asked to thoroughly clean the affected rooms before service. This removes cockroach food sources while simultaneously ensuring the technician has unimpeded access to effectively treat your space. In every affected room, including the bathroom/s and kitchen, empty all cupboards and furniture.
Before our technician arrives, please thoroughly clean inside, underneath, behind and around all surfaces, cupboards, drawers and appliances, and remove all trash. Pull all appliances out 2 feet from the wall to clean and allow access behind them. Ensure that any cleaning products used are applied a minimum of 4 hours prior to the service visit, as they would negatively interact with our own application if they are not fully dried.
If you are short on time, simply use water to wipe up. As a general rule of thumb, rooms should look “move in ready” when they have been fully prepped.
Example Of Proper Room Preparation
Example Of Proper Room Preparation
The circumstances and level of infestation will dictate which IPM elements your technician employs. Your technician will determine what combination will be most effective for your situation, which in turn determines the quoted price. Remediation will include some combination of the below elements:

Vacuum: All furniture, cupboards, carpets and baseboards in the affected areas would be thoroughly vacuumed to physically remove all visible cockroaches. Vacuuming and steaming are optional for small to medium infestations.

Steam: We next apply directed heat in the form of steam to the same surfaces, unless it is a sensitive material like suede or leather. We apply heat directly and intentionally so we never damage anything in your home.

Dust: Dusts will be applied in cracks, crevices, and under-cabinet voids. No dust application will occur in an accessible location. Cockroaches pick up the dust when they crawl over it and ingest it when they clean themselves, leading to dehydration and death.

Bait: A gel or liquid bait will be applied to slips of paper and slipped into crevices throughout the areas of activity (out of reach of children and pets). These will later be removed and discarded. Baits are very low risk, and are approved for even the strictest of applications.

Spray: A spray will be applied to the inside of all cabinets and drawers only when necessary, to limit insecticide resistance. It will be okay to return foodstuffs to the cabinets as soon as you are clear to reenter the dwelling.

After service:
Clients will need to remain away from the structure for 4 hours following the completion of service. Personal items and foodstuffs may be returned to their original locations immediately after that time has elapsed.
Follow up visit:
A return visit will be scheduled 2 weeks after the initial application. Preparation is typically not needed for the follow up, except in instances of continued activity or heavy infestation. Your technician will reinspect, rebait, and place glue boards in strategic locations to provide ongoing monitoring and to ensure we have fully addressed your issue.
Clients are requested to check glue boards periodically, and notify us if there is any new activity displayed. Complete elimination of the population is essential. If any insect survives, the population is likely to make a resurgence down the line. We offer a 90 day warranty for this service.

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