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Now you see them, now you don't!

Cockroach Control Services

Did you know that roaches don’t only eat human food? They’ve also been seen eating materials like leather, trash, and hair! While these creatures are pretty repulsive, they’re admirably hardy – it is said that they can hold their breath underwater for five minutes or more. Unfortunately, they also transport disease and they do not belong in your home.

Abra Kadabra has effective roach control products we can use to clean up your house or business in the Minneapolis metro. If you see a roach, call us for a customized plan to treat your home!

Members of the National Pest Management Association
Members of the Minnesota Pest Management Association

Licensed in Minnesota

Licensed in Minnesota, Matt has his Master Technician Certification and continues to update his knowledge by earning credits each year in the latest information, statistics, methods and industry trends. His team’s goal is to help homeowners, apartment owners, landlords, and business owners eliminate pests with as little human exposure to pesticides as possible. They work on single event issues and provide year-round packages, featuring quarterly treatments. They have learned that monthly treatments are unnecessary since it takes 90 days for the chemicals to break down.

To request a consultation, call Abra Kadabra at (763) 537-0330. We’re happy to discuss your concerns with you.
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