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Quality Pest Control Services In Deephaven!

The town of Deephaven is a wonderful escape from the bustling Twin Cities metro area. Though there may be less traffic and noise to be concerned with, hearing another kind of noise in your home may be a more problematic situation. If you are currently noticing a scurrying in your attic, a rustling in your walls, or seeing an increased number of bats around your home, it’s time to call a professional pest control company.

Wildlife & Pest Removal

At Abra Kadabra Environmental Services, we are the trusted pest control company in Deephaven, MN. For over 15 years we have served the greater Twin Cities area with the highest quality pest and wildlife removal services. Whether you need help removing squirrels from your walls, carpenter ants in your home, bats in your attic, or any other pest that has made its way into your home, our reliable pest removal professionals will get the job done.

Over the years we have developed highly effective methods of removing troublesome pests & wildlife from homes and businesses. We have also trained and become proficient in using many different innovative tools to best serve your pest issue. After we have removed the troublesome critter we can then provide pest exclusion services to make sure the animal doesn’t come back to bother your living area or work space.

If your home or business in Deephaven is needing high quality pest control or wildlife removal services, contact the pros at Abra Kadabra Environmental Services today!

Licensed in Minnesota

Licensed in Minnesota, Matt and Michael have their Master Technician Certifications and continue to update their knowledge by earning credits each year in the latest information, statistics, methods and industry trends. Their goal is to help homeowners, apartment owners, landlords, and business owners eliminate pests with as little human exposure to pesticides as possible. They work on single event issues and provide year-round packages, featuring quarterly treatments. They have learned that monthly treatments are unnecessary since it takes 90 days for the chemicals to break down.

To request a consultation, call Abra Kadabra at (763) 537-0330. We’re happy to discuss your concerns with you.