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Signs that you could have a squirrel problem in your house:

Squirrels are active creatures that are capable of doing severe damage to your home. They are excellent climbers, can chew through all types of materials and can enter through the smallest openings in order to make way into your home.
Due to their harmful activity, squirrels have the ability to do a large amount of damage to your property. They are especially prone to chewing through wood, plastic, sheet metal, insulation and electrical lines.
If you are in need of a squirrel exterminator, we offer a range of residential and commercial services to ensure that your home or your business is pest-free. We are a pest control company based in the Minneapolis metro that is committed to removing pests and unwanted visitors from your home.

Both red and grey squirrels enjoy getting into things, especially the attic. If you start hearing scraping or rubbing sounds early in the morning, there is a good chance you may have squirrels in your attic. Their gnawing can allow them access inside your home, as they can easily crawl through small openings. Once they have gained access, they will continue to chew on anything in sight. Not only do these squirrels cause damage in your attic, but they can also carry various diseases in their waste.

Flying squirrels are small, agile and love wooded areas. They have the ability to glide through air between trees, and can do this up to 100 feet from a tree to your home. These animals are nocturnal and travel in groups, so if you hear continuous scrambling noises from above, you most likely have a group of flying squirrels in your attic. This can result in a havoc in your attic space if they go unnoticed.

We’re here to help! If you have squirrel damage in your attic or other parts of your home, contact us today for squirrel pest control services. We offer squirrel removal services in Excelsior, Long Lake, Minnetonka, Mound, Orono, Wayzata, and other surrounding areas!

Squirrel Behavior by Species

Grey Squirrels:
  • Active during the day
  • Reproduce two times per year – Dec/Jan and May/June
  • Average of three per litter
  • Can enter through a hole the size of a tennis ball
Red Squirrels:
  • Active during the day
  • Very territorial
  • Reproduce two times per year – in Feb/Mar and Jun/Jul
  • Can enter through a hole the size of a golf ball
Flying Squirrels:
  • Nocturnal, active at night
  • Reproduce once a year – Dec/Jan or June
  • Three-four per litter
  • Can enter through a hole the size of a quarter 

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