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About Beavers In Minnesota

Beavers are a large semi-aquatic rodent species native to rivers, marshes, ponds, shorelines and other waterways. They are unique in being one of the few mammals, other than humans, that are able to modify their habitats to suit their needs. Beavers will build lodges of branches and mud and construct dams on streams, blocking flow to raise the water level.
They will also construct bank dens with underwater entrances. This activity can be disruptive to home and business owners when it results in damaged or downed trees, flooding, shoreline erosion, and even destabilization of lawn areas abutting the shoreline.

Our Certifications

Abra Kadabra’s Wildlife Division has decades of combined experience in trapping, disinfection, exclusion and all things wildlife. Technicians are certified by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and participate in ongoing education programs. We are proud to be among a select few Twin Cities companies who hold these certifications and offer durable home exclusion solutions.

Beaver Control Services

The technician will begin with an inspection of your property and the surrounding shoreline. The den, lodge or burrow where the beavers are residing will be located, which may not always be on your property. Habitat modification recommendations will be reviewed when applicable, potentially including tree wrapping until the colony has been removed.

Beaver colonies typically consist of 4-10 related individuals, with trapping and removal of resident beavers the most efficient control method. Special permits from the MN DNR are required to trap beaver outside of the traditional harvest season. It is ideal to trap as near to the beaver den site as possible, but trapping remains viable even at visited sites. At the conclusion of the inspection, a quote will be provided for a 10-day trapping program and a start date scheduled.  

The trap setup typically occurs within a few days of the inspection. Between 2 and 6 capture devices will be deployed, with the type and quantity dependent on site specific conditions, local ordinances and appropriateness of their use in a particular area.

A wildlife technician will return to the site daily throughout the trapping program to remove captures, re-bait and re-arm traps, and modify placement as necessary. In some instances and with client approval, remote monitoring devices may be used to monitor beaver activity. 

It is important to note that areas that were attractive to beavers once will remain so. A resident colony can be removed, but future recolonization by new beavers could still occur.

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