Beaver Detection

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Detecting & Identifying Beaver Presence

Beavers are unique in their ability to modify their environment to suit their needs. The signs of their activity are often very apparent, such as:

  • Girdled or felled trees
  • Destabilized lawn
  • Plugged culverts and drainage tiles
  • Burrowed and eroding shoreline
  • A visible lodge
  • A dam
  • Flooding
Dispersing beavers will either construct a lodge or occupy a vacant one they encounter. They girdle and drop trees to feed on the cambium layer of tree bark, and use the branches for dam and lodge construction. They will often plug culverts and water control structures, resulting in flooding and elevated water levels more suited for their needs.
Construction of bank dens and burrows can destabilize shoreline areas and even portions of a lawn abutting it. If you have a beaver problem in the Twin Cities metro area, give us a call today.

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