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Common Bat Issues In Homes

If you find that you have a bat problem in your home, know that you aren’t the only one and that our professionals at Abra Kadabra Environmental Services have seen all types of bat problems. These fairly common issues include:

  • Bats occupying the attic
  • Bats occupying the chimney
  • Bats swarming and surrounding home
  • Bat droppings in home


Don’t Trap! How To Properly Get Rid Of Bats In Your Home

The first thing you should know if you have a bat infestation in your home is that you should not attempt to trap or physically remove the bats. Instead, we take the approach of evicting the bats and forcing them to exit the premises without harming them. At Abra Kadabra, our professionals will take the following steps to rid your home of bats:

  1. Full inspection of the building to determine where the bats are entering. Bats do not create their own openings, they enter through existing ones.
  2. We will then identify the species of bat found. Most commonly we find that brown bats are the species that prefer to reside in homes.
  3. Before sealing all entrances, our professionals will humanely and safely evict bats from your home. Installing a one-way bat check valve is a way for bats to be able to exit but not re-enter.
  4. Prevention procedures to keep bats out permanently which includes sealing up areas of the home bats are entering.
  5. Fully clean and disinfect area where bat roost was located to remove harmful bacteria and any droppings left behind.

We’re here to help! If you have a bat infestation in your attic or other parts of your home, contact us today. Our professionals will get the bats safely out of your home and keep them out for good


    Bat Behavior & Threats


    Bats are nocturnal creatures. They leave several times throughout the night to feast on flying insects, then return to the roost to rest during the day. Brown bats are the most commonly found within structures, as they will live in these structures year-round once they’ve found a way inside. Bats are most active from mid-summer to winter. 

    Threats & Health Risks:

    Bats living within structures can pose health risks to humans. Some bats may carry rabies and if they come in direct contact with a human, could potentially be spread. Anybody who has come in physical contact with a bat should seek medical attention to ensure the infection was not spread. Another health risk associated with bat infestation is the droppings they leave behind. The fungi within bat droppings can cause lung disease in humans. Areas of the home where bats lived should be thoroughly decontaminated by professionals.

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