What’s That Noise? Take Note of These Sounds Within Your Home

Different noises in your home can come from various things. Whether it’s nail pops, plumbing or heating units turning on and off, wind from outside, or your children, the list goes on. However, the sound of an animal in your wall or attic is pretty distinct and is important to distinguish from the others. The sooner your catch these noises, the better. Some noises to be aware of that some of our clients use to describe animals in their home are chewing, scratching, scraping, scurrying, chirping, rustling, and bounding.

Animals often situate themselves in small voids within your home, which can cause the sounds they make to be more amplified. Often times animals are moving against sheetrock which is surrounded by insulation. This situation can create a speaker-like effect that could potentially make an animal sound much bigger or louder than it really is. Don’t panic if you hear these noises in your home, but pay attention to the different sounds to identify the type of animal that may have entered your home.

Different Pest & Wildlife Noises In MN

Different animals are known for making different sounds due to their activity. Being aware of this activity can help you identify the type of animal that may be in your home. The animals most often heard in homes in our area are mice, bats, squirrels, flying squirrels, raccoons and birds.


These critters the most likely suspect for a noise in a home here in Minnesota. These rodents create a scratching sound that is relatively stationary. They are especially common at ground level, but are frequently found in attics if the exterior of the building is porous or there are trees overhanging the roof that mice could climb from. Mice are nocturnal, so these noises would be heard during the evening.

Flying Squirrels

These animals are another nocturnal animal which are commonly misidentified as mice, but they are much larger. The sound a flying squirrel makes is often described as a thud followed by scurrying along the roof or soffit. These animals are extremely active and almost never travel alone. They are known to colonize homes and catching 10 or more from one home is not uncommon.

Red & Grey Squirrels

These creatures will be active during the day. If these squirrels are occupying your home, you will likely hear running and scurrying within your drywall. Pay special note as these noises are most common at dawn and dusk when squirrels have made an outpost in your attic.


These flying creatures can be described as chirping or scratching and will often times be located at the junction of the wall and the ceiling if in the upper level of the home. These animals can make noise during the day if disturbed, but they are primarily nocturnal so they can be heard when leaving from or coming to the structure.


Finally, these animals are going to be active during the evening and it’s going to sound like an elephant broke into your attic. These trash pandas frequently enter attics through louver and roof vents. They easily harbor within chimneys especially when a female is having her pups. If you have a raccoon in the structure of your home, it’s going to be very loud and impossible to ignore.

Contact A Professional Wildlife Removal Company

Say you’ve identified these noises and think you may have an animal in your home. If that’s the case, it is important to act now rather than wait. At Abra Kadabra, we are here to make sure your home is pest-free. If you call our professionals today, we will come and inspect your home to see if these pests have made their way into your home. If they have, we will come up with a solution and your home will be pest-free in no time.  Not only can we get rid of pests, but we can secure your home to make sure that they stay out. If you want to hear more about our pest control services, call us today at (763) 537-0330.

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