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While it’s good to have bats around to keep the mosquito population in check, it’s not good to have them take up residence inside your home in Wayzata. Bats will roost inside your attic and contaminate it with guano, which can damage insulation and flooring as well as creating a risk for histoplasmosis.

Many bats are carriers of the deadly rabies virus, which they can transmit by biting. Due to this threat, it’s unwise to attempt to remove bats from your attic on your own. Instead, let a professional bat removal company handle the bat infestation inside your home in Wayzata.

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If you believe that bats are living in your attic in Wayzata, Abra Kadabra Environmental Services will conduct an inspection to find every entry point they can use and figure out how big their colony is. To remove the bats, our experts will install a one-way exit valve which lets the pests leave but prevents them from returning.

After every bat is gone, we’ll exclude them from finding another way in by sealing off all access points on the exterior of your home in Wayzata. To keep histoplasma and parasites from becoming a threat, we’ll dispose of any remaining guano and sanitize the bats’ former living area. In the case of a severe bat infestation, we may also need to remove your contaminated insulation and replace it.

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Don’t let bats infest your attic and make an unsanitary mess with their guano. Give Abra Kadabra Environmental Services a call today for the best bat removal services in the Wayzata area!

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