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Would you like help to get rid of mice living in your home in Forest Lake?

Mice are persistent little pests that often infest homes in Forest Lake, most commonly during the winter months. Mice can squeeze their way in through the smallest gaps and, once inside, they’ll relentlessly gnaw away at insulation, electrical wiring, drywall and other materials. It’s also a health hazard to have mice in the house, since they can spread hantavirus, leptospirosis and other diseases.

Between their rapid breeding cycles and tendency to attract other mice with pheromone trails, these rodents can quickly overwhelm your home in Forest Lake. Before this happens, hire a professional mice exterminator to remove them from your property.

Fast & Thorough Mice Removal

When mice infest your home in Forest Lake, Abra Kadabra Environmental Services is here to make them disappear. Our experts will inspect your home for signs of mice activity and entry points, then use carefully placed traps to fully exterminate the rodents.

Following successful mice removal, our technicians will install animal-proof barriers to keep other mice from entering your home in Forest Lake. We’ll also thoroughly sanitize areas where mice were active to destroy all parasites, bacteria and pheromone trails.

The Most Trusted Mice Control Company in Forest Lake

Left unchecked, mice will run rampant through your home and get into all sorts of trouble. Give Abra Kadabra Environmental Services a call today for the best mice control and removal services in the Forest Lake area!

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