Crossfit SISU Sponsor Spotlight With Shawn Sailer Of The Brost Clinic

As a chiropractor who specializes in nutrition, weight loss and sports-related injuries, Dr. Shawn Sailer spends his days helping his patients achieve better health through natural and holistic methods.

But Sailer, a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and one of the seven doctors on staff at The Brost Clinic in Wayzata, took an unusual path to becoming a chiropractor. 

“I was working in operations at an oil refinery and I typically worked 12-hour night shifts,” he said. “There were lots of guys ranging in age from their 20s to their 60s and we basically were like family because we were spending all our time together.”

Sailer, who had always been a proponent of leading a healthy lifestyle, began coaching his co-workers on nutrition and fitness. He instantly fell in love with helping people learn to take better care of their bodies and decided it was time to make a major change.

“I sold everything I had and went back to school,” he said. “And during that time, I met someone who had been to chiropractic school. That person told me ‘you have to check this out because you can help people with your hands.’ That’s where it all began.”

Fast forward 13 years and now Sailer has turned his passion for health and wellness into a thriving career. Working alongside his wife and his mother-in-law – the founder of The Brost Clinic – he has provided countless patients with the natural care they need to live healthier lives. 

“Sometimes it can be challenging because people nowadays are often looking for a quick and immediate fix for their problems,” he said. “However, if you educate them correctly, they’ll begin to understand that achieving long-term, natural results will require time and effort on their part.”

Aside from being active with his wife and three children, Sailer’s favorite way to stay in shape is by attending classes at CrossFit SISU. He became a founding member in 2010 and has loved being a part of the gym so much that he’s sponsoring the 2022 SISU Summer Throwdown, a two-day fitness competition being held June 24-25.

Even if you’re not into CrossFit, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate health and wellness into your daily routine. But it all starts with making a conscious decision to put in the work.

“No one else can make that choice for you,” Sailer said. “You have to have the mindset of ‘OK, it’s time to change my life’ and then be willing to commit yourself to the process.”

Looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Here are a few of Sailer’s thoughts and suggestions:

  • Find an accountability partner: Whether it’s a friend, a trainer or a healthcare professional, having someone to check in with on a regular basis can be a great way to stick to your health and fitness goals. Sailer, for example, gives his patients a treatment plan and when they come in for visits, he’ll talk to them about how well they’re following that plan. “That way, we’re keeping them accountable from a chiropractic standpoint,” he said. 


  • Pay attention to your posture: When people spend all day sitting and looking down at their computer, they’re not doing their posture any favors. “What happens is your shoulders are going to drive forward and you’re going to get a hunchback posture over time,” Sailer said. “That is extremely bad for your shoulders and your neck and can lead to headaches and pain that radiates down your arms and into your fingers.” By investing in a sit-stand desk and a high-quality chair – or better yet, an exercise ball without a base to sit on and engage your core – you can continue to get your work done without having to sacrifice your spine.


  • Get up, stand up: It can be easy to find yourself stuck at your desk and before you know it, half the day has gone by and you’ve barely moved at all. Sailer recommends setting a reminder that will alert you to stand up and move around a few times per hour. If you don’t, you’re likely to end up with tight, shortened hip flexors from a lack of activity. Then, when you go to work out, you’re at higher risk of pulling a muscle. Not anyone’s idea of a good time!


  • Avoid inflammatory foods: If you want your body to function at peak performance, staying away from simple sugars and fake sweeteners like the ones found in diet sodas and sports drinks is critical. And if you’re intolerant to wheat and dairy, make sure to cut those foods out of your diet completely. Not sure which foods are triggering an inflammatory reaction? There are a few ways to identify the culprits such as blood testing and applied kinesiology testing. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can adjust your diet accordingly.


  • Give yourself a little wiggle room: Let’s face it – no matter how devoted you are to health and wellness, you’re not always going to be perfect. Allow yourself one “cheat day” per week where you can indulge in the foods you enjoy without guilt. “If you have that one day a week to look forward to, then it’s much easier to stay committed and on track,” Sailer said. “And then eventually, those cheat days are probably going to look less and less appealing. That’s when things really start to change.”


But one thing that’s not likely to change is Sailer’s excitement about the Summer Throwdown and CrossFit SISU in general.

“There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with people who are all about health and fitness,” he said. “That’s why I continue to be a sponsor of the Summer Throwdown and a part of the SISU community.”


With seven chiropractors under one roof, The Brost Clinic provides a wide variety of chiropractic care for children and adults along with acupuncture, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise and rehab and spinal decompression. To schedule a free consultation, visit their website by clicking here


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