Learn About Pavement Ants: Characteristics & Activity

Early spring is beautiful in Minnesota. The warmth of the sun increases the heat of our homes and environment. It’s during this time of year where there is an explosion of ant activity within people’s homes. One of the more common types of ants that we often see in Minnesota is small brown to black ants. A different type of ant, the Pavement ant, which is also commonly called a grease ant, are about 1/8 of an inch long and can be reddish brown in color.

When Are Pavement Ants Active?

During late winter and early spring, we commonly see these ants emerging from the structure of a home, especially when there is a poured slab or graded portion of the home. These ants naturally nest in soil under sidewalks, driveways, stones, logs, and other concealed sites. They do this to protect the colony from the environment, predators, etc. When the warmth of the sun heats the colony up, they begin to kick into action for the season. It is common to see these little 6-legged soldiers emerging from cracks along baseboards and around doors or vents. Although these guys do occur within the structure of other homes, single level homes or homes with a poured concrete slab are much more likely to observe these ants in early spring.

Characteristics Of Pavement Ants

If you see ants in your home and there is still snow on the ground, you have an active colony within the structure of your home somewhere. Unlike their bigger brothers, the Carpenter Ant, these ants generally do not cause structural damage to the home. They are more of a hygienic pest. They can be found crawling all over your kitchen and food area after they had just walked up through who knows what else. The foods that these insects eat vary from meats to pet food; bread, nuts, and even other insects.

Although Pavement Ants are common Minnesotan ants during the winter, they are not the only ants that can be seen on the interior of a home. Carpenter ants, yellow ants, thief ants and Pharaoh ants. Yes, these are all members of the ant family, but the treatment strategy is different due to the different habits of these ant species.

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