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Pest & Wildlife Control In Howard Lake

Is your home or business in the greater Howard Lake area dealing with a pest or wildlife infestation that you can’t seem to get rid of? It’s time to call a trusted pest and wildlife control service to get the job done.
Abra Kadabra Environmental Services specializes in providing high quality pest and wildlife removal services to get rid of all kinds of animals and insects. Our team has helped countless homes and commercial properties in the west metro area.
Armed an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, we proudly offer the following services to the great community of Howard Lake:

For a full list of the wildlife we work with on a regular basis, check out our wildlife library to select the animal that is affecting your home.


NWCOA-Certified Specialists

No matter what kind of pest removal service you’re needing completed at your home or business, you can trust our highly trained, NWCOA-certified pest control technicians to provide you with the best service possible. We work with the following animals:

Seasonal Pest & Wildlife Control

Just as Minnesotans encounter all of the different seasons throughout the year, we also face different pest and wildlife threats during each season. During the winter season, the common threats include mice, squirrels, rats, and spiders among others. These critters attempt to enter your home to find protection from the cold winter air and possibly even to give birth to their young. 

Throughout the warm summer season, animals such as beavers, mosquitos, bats, muskrats, moles, wasps, and others are more commonly associated with being a nuisance

Wildlife & Pest Removal Experts

For all of your pest and wildlife removal needs in the greater Howard Lake, MN area, contact the professionals at Abra Kadabra Environmental Services today! Our team will provide you with a high quality removal, exclusion or disinfection service.

Licensed in Minnesota

Licensed in Minnesota, Matt and Michael have their Master Technician Certifications and continue to update their knowledge by earning credits each year in the latest information, statistics, methods and industry trends. Their goal is to help homeowners, apartment owners, landlords, and business owners eliminate pests with as little human exposure to pesticides as possible. They work on single event issues and provide year-round packages, featuring quarterly treatments. They have learned that monthly treatments are unnecessary since it takes 90 days for the chemicals to break down.

To request a consultation, call Abra Kadabra at (763) 537-0330. We’re happy to discuss your concerns with you.
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