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Mice Removal Services in Long Lake, MN

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Mice are the most persistent pests that invade Long Lake homes, where they frequently seek shelter during winter. Like all rodents, mice are destructive houseguests that will gnaw their way through insulation, wood, plastic and just about anything else they can file their teeth on. Mice chewing through electrical wires is among the most common causes of power outages and house fires. Additionally, mouse feces can transmit hantavirus and other dangerous diseases.

Mice will congregate quickly once they’ve settled in a home, both by breeding and by attracting their kin using pheromone trails. To evict mice from your Long Lake home before they make a mess of the place, let Abra Kadabra cast a spell.

Effective Mice Control

If you’ve seen, heard or smelled mice scampering about in your Long Lake residence, Abra Kadabra Environmental Services will come to your aid. Our licensed specialists will search the perimeter of your home for any holes larger than a dime; believe it or not, that’s all it takes for mice to get in! We’ll strategically position traps in areas that mice move through to remove them from your house as promptly as possible. To keep other mice from sneaking in, our technicians may also leave bait boxes outside of your house.

Making all your mice vanish is just the first act in our show! Abra Kadabra will follow up with animal-proofing and disinfection services for your Long Lake home. Our animal-proofing strategy involves using pest-proof materials to close off any crevasses that mice can fit through, thereby animal-proofing them from your property. For our disinfection service, we’ll clean up all mouse waste and nests, then apply a disinfectant to remove pheromone trails and kill off bacteria left by the vermin.

Abra Kadabra Can Make Your Mouse Problem Disappear

If mice have entered your home, it’s only a matter of time before they accumulate out of control. Contact Abra Kadabra Environmental Services today for the best mice control and removal services in the Long Lake area!

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