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Of all the pests that infest homes in Minnetonka, mice are the most prolific, especially during the winter when they are seeking shelter from the cold. Mice may be small but they can be very destructive to your home, chewing up insulation and other materials to build nests. They are even known to cause power outages and fires by chewing through electrical wires. Mice can also spread zoonotic diseases, like hantavirus, through their droppings, which they will leave everywhere they go.

Your mouse problem can multiply rapidly, as mice are quick breeders and will also leave pheromone trails that lure fellow rodents into your Minnetonka home. To remove mice from your house before they cause too much damage, let Abra Kadabra work our magic.

Expert Mice Control

If you’ve discovered evidence of mice living in your Minnetonka household, Abra Kadabra Environmental Services will send a technician to your home to scout the interior and exterior for crevasses which mice can enter and exit through. Believe it or not, the little pests can fit through a hole the size of a dime! Our licensed specialists will place baited traps in areas frequented by mice in order to swiftly eliminate them all from your property. For continued mice control, we can also place bait boxes around the perimeter of your house.

Making mice disappear from your Minnetonka home is just the first trick up our sleeves. To keep them from coming back, Abra Kadabra recommends employing our animal-proofing and disinfection services. Animal-proofing involves using durable materials to seal off holes which mice can use to squeeze into your house. For disinfection, our trained experts will clean out mouse droppings, urine and nesting materials, and use a disinfectant solution to neutralize pheromone trails and mouse-trafficked areas that may produce zoonotic diseases.

Abra Kadabra Makes Mice Vanish

If mice have invaded your household, it’s important to get them out before they settle in and multiply. Call Abra Kadabra Environmental Solutions today for premium mice control and removal services in the Minnetonka area!

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