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Mice Removal & Prevention in Wayzata, MN

Do you require mice removal and animal-proofing services in Wayzata?

It’s common for mice to invade homes in Wayzata, especially when they’re seeking shelter during the cold winter months. Don’t let their small size and cute looks fool you; mice are immensely destructive critters that will tear apart insulation, wires and anything else they can inside your walls and attic. Mice gnawing through wires can even cut the power and start fires. Mice will also pollute your living space with their droppings, which can spread hantavirus and other zoonotic diseases.

When mice move into a home they tend to proliferate at an extreme rate, both through reproduction and through luring others via pheromone trails. It can be difficult to remove mice on your own but fortunately for you, Abra Kadabra employs a team of mice control magicians.

Reliable Mice Removal

If squeaks, scratches and tiny droppings have alerted you to mice in your Wayzata residence, it’s time to call Abra Kadabra Environmental Services. We’ll send an expert to your home to search the interior and exterior for the holes that mice are using to get in and where they seem to be congregating. Our licensed technicians will strategically place traps in areas where mice will be sure to find them and remove them all before they multiply out of control. If you’d like, we can also leave bait boxes outside of your home to eliminate any more mice that try to get in.

Our mice control strategy works like magic but it’s not our only trick. Once our mice removal services are complete, Abra Kadabra can continue to protect your Wayzata home through animal-proofing and disinfection. For our animal-proofing service, our professionals will seal off any holes the size of a dime or bigger so that mice cannot return to your property. Our disinfection process involves cleaning out all evidence of the mice such as feces and nesting materials, and disinfecting areas they populated and traveled through to eliminate the threat of zoonotic diseases and pheromone trails.

Abra Kadabra Pulls a Vanishing Act on Mice

If your house is suffering from a mouse infestation, it’s vital to remove the vermin before they cause too much trouble. Call up Abra Kadabra Environmental Solutions today for expert mice control and removal services in the Wayzata area!

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