Our Essential Business Status

Why We’re Essential

So you’re home, you’re bored, you’re inundated with information about COVID-19… and you spot a mouse. What to do? Well, the good news for you is that both Minnesota and the federal government have classified us as essential, so help is only a phone call away. COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, and this pandemic illustrates exactly why the work we do is essential. Zoonotic diseases are carried by rodents and bats, two critters we spend a significant amount of our time combatting. We have been on the front line of the fight to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases every day since 2005 when our company was founded. We have the knowledge, experience and tools needed to safely address pest and wildlife issues to prevent the spread of animal-borne diseases. This is, of course, important in homes, and even more so in commercial properties such as hospitals, food production facilities, schools and more. Why? Because nobody wants a side of bubonic plague with their COVID. Plain and simple.

Keeping Staff & Customers Safe

When this pandemic began spreading and world governments were scrambling to obtain protective equipment, we were lucky to already have ours on hand. We have always taken the safety of our technicians and customers seriously when it comes to the potential for exposure to animal-borne diseases, so our stock of Tyvek suits and masks has been essential to our operations all along. This enabled us to enter this crisis ahead of the curve, with our normal inventory available. We use this whenever we enter an attic or work in an area that requires sanitation and disinfection. We will be utilizing them as needed for vulnerable clients when interior visits are needed.

Upcoming Activity

Spring’s arrival will soon bring an uptick in activity for everything from ants to bats to wasps. We will continue to protect public health by addressing these pests whenever a call comes in. If you have any issues you need our help with, or any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are working hard to be flexible and meet our customers’ needs while also ensuring we adhere to all applicable health and safety standards. Be well, and don’t be shy about reaching out to us. Have an excellent spring!

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