boxelder bug in Minnesota

Named from the boxelder trees they often frequent, these bugs feed by sucking juices from the boxelder tree. They can also feed on other plants, primarily maple, ash or fruit trees. They are likely to invade homes and enter businesses in the fall as a winter residence within the structure. Likely spots are wall voids and attics. Although they do little damage indoors, they can leave a reddish-orange stain from their fecal material which discolors curtains, clothes or other resting sites. They don’t bite but they can puncture the skin (somewhat like a mosquito) producing a red, irritated spot on the skin. Not what you want in your home!

When they emerge in the spring, they seek out host trees on which to feed. Abra Kadabra technicians know where to find these little critters and how to deal with them. We offer single nest removal as well as preventive packages.


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July 16, 2017

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