Protecting Your Home Against Minnesota Pests

If you are like me, you own a home in which you have taken great pride. You have likely decorated your home to showcase the style, personality, and dreams of you and your family. Your home is full of priceless items that you have accumulated throughout the year. The one thing you want your home to not include are the numerous pests lurking about throughout Minnesota. These pests can take your perfectly designed oasis you call home and turn it into a nightmare that you cannot escape. I have been there and seen the worst. While I lived to tell the tale, my goal is to help you prevent this story from becoming your reality.

Types of Minnesota Pests

Before we can begin to understand prevention of pests, it is important to understand the culprits. Many people, if put on the spot, would name ants and flies as the pests they see on a regular basis. However, that is truly just the tip of the iceberg. Pests encompass much more than the common ant or fly. One of the less common, but still prevalent, bugs in the Midwest is the boxelder bug, which will leave an orange dye on your clothing, floors, or walls when it is scared.

Other types of insects include carpenter ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and even ticks. During the spring and summer, and even into the fall, tics can be rampant throughout Minnesota, especially in areas surrounded by the deer inclusive forests. Of course, as with most of the country, bees, wasps, and hornets cannot be forgotten. They will wreak havoc on your home and your family and can be especially dangerous in the event of allergic reactions.

Another pest that actually indicates a more rampant pest problem is the spider. If you find spiders in your home, your problem is much larger than the spider. Typically, spiders will eat other bugs and will only migrate to areas where a food source exists. Therefore, spiders in your home means you likely have another bug infestation that must be handled promptly before more damage is done.

Finally, in order to understand all the pest issues that could be within your home, you must remember to include rodents, such as mice and rats. Like spiders, finding mice or rats in your home means you likely have other insect issues, such as fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, rodents create a sanitary problem within your home, as they can carry illnesses that can be transferred to humans.

Proactive Pest Control Strategies

The key to any type of pest control is to be proactive. Once you find pests in your home, the damage has already been done. By this point in the process, you likely have issues revolving around pest waste stains, and even wood damage, to name a few issues. Therefore, it is essential to begin the process as soon as you move into your home. Each season comes with its own types of pests. Therefore, a one-time treatment can only prevent certain pests that are either problems throughout the entire year or a problem for the season in which you administered the treatment.

There are several choices when deciding to conduct proactive treatments for your home. First, you must decide whether you wish to worry about the interior of your home only (which is not really recommended) or the interior and exterior of your home to help prevent mosquitos and ticks in your yard as well as insects entering through the exterior of your home.

Additionally, you must decide whether you wish to use green or synthetic solutions for pest control. If you choose to utilize organic pest control solutions, make sure the products are certified organic, and the mice and rat control devices are animal-friendly.

Proven Pest Removal Methods At Abra Kadabra

As a family-owned business that has been managing pest issues in the area for well over a decade, we have become experts in pest solutions. We have tried, and we have erred, and over the course of our extensive careers, we have found what truly works and what to avoid when taking both preventative measures and reactive measures to pest control.

We believe in using low impact products that are rated as low risk around your family and pets. There was a time when it was essential that the home be cleared of any living beings anytime pest control was conducted. That is no longer the case. We only use products that will not harm children, pets, or adults, but will remove your pests effectively and efficiently.

Green Pest Management Treatments

Although all of our products are rated for residential use, many people prefer green pest solutions. We recommend this on a monthly schedule and utilize only certified organic products. As long as this is conducted on a monthly basis, our service includes a warranty that pests will not be a problem in your home.

Specific Pest Treatments

Certain pests require a specific treatment schedule. For instance, mosquitoes and ticks are typically a May through September issues. During this time, we will provide service to your home and yard for 21 to 28 days. This will significantly reduce the amount of fleas and ticks you will see around your home. As with most of our products, this includes a warranty throughout the season.

If you live in a place that is surrounded by concrete, like a condo or the middle of the city, you may be more concerned about rodents than mosquitos and ticks. We have specifically designed a rodent control program that can help keep your home safe from vermin. This is designed to be administered four times a year: September, October, December, and April. The program helps eliminate mice and rats. However, voles can be added to the list for an additional fee.

There are several individual pest control programs that will help you get rid of the problematic pests at the proper time of year. The crawling insect program offers three scheduled treatments, with the two exterior treatments in April or May and June or July and the one exterior and interior treatment in September or October. The spider prevention program offers two exterior and interior treatments in April or May and September or October and one exterior only spider treatment in June or July.

The ant management program offers two exterior treatments in April or May with non-pesticide formula and July or August with a follow-up ant treatment and an interior treatment in January or February. From April through September, we offer three treatments through our Wasp, Hornet, and Flying insect prevention program, unless you choose our Premier flying insect program, which offers monthly service through the entire season. As you can see, we have something for everything and everyone looking to keep those unwanted house guests, better known as pests out of your beautifully maintained home.

Rather than remembering which types of treatments are needed and when to call, we have designed several all-inclusive options that make sure you are covered throughout the entire year. Whether you choose a general service agreement, a Premier Home Service Agreement, or Premier Home Service Plus Agreement, we will help keep your home free from pests and manage the scheduling logistics as well.

Trusted Pest Removal Services In Twin Cities, MN

It is time to stop assuming that you are not the type of person who deals with pests in your home. No matter how clean you keep your home and how well you maintain your home with repairs, pests will find a way to come into your home to get away from the elements that make Minnesota so appealing to most of its residents.

Therefore, now is the time to act, before you have an infestation that cannot be easily removed or damage that cannot be easily repaired. In this year, make it a point to contact the pest removal experts at Abra Kadabra Environmental Services at 763.537.0330 if your home, community association or business is experiencing a pest or wildlife infestation.

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