Abra Kadabra Supports Local Fire Department

Mound Fire Department Fish Fry Donations. COVID-19 has changed the day to day lives of everyone these past months. Ordinances have been put in place by state and local governments to look out for the safety of our communities. These have forced us all to create distance between ourselves and other members of our community, leading to cancelled events and fundraisers, and more. 

Abra Kadabra is proud to be based out of Mound, and is dedicated to supporting our local community. The annual Mound Fire Department Fish Fry was among those events that had to be cancelled for community safety. The fire department relies on that fundraiser for a portion of their budget. The fish fry ticket sales assist in the purchase of lifesaving gear, tools and equipment. In order to help dampen the impact of this lost fundraising, Abra Kadabra Environmental Services is donating 10% of all new recurring sales within the Mound Fire Department’s response territory to the fire department for June through August 2020. 

For questions or to book an appointment, please call 763-537-0330. For more information on the fish fry and additional ways to donate, visit  http://moundfire.com/fish-fry.

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